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Onto today…I have had such a fun and inspirational week – lots of new followers and commenters! I have loved it.

Today’s post comes directly from one of my new blogging “friends”, C. Michael Fontes. He left a comment on one of my posts about rejection, relating it to the world of sales. Given hat I spent ten years in sales – as a closer, no less – his word struck a chord with me.

When you work in sales, any kind of sales, you begin to understand that sales transactions are really a numbers game. Yes, you need a good product. But after that, it is really about numbers – the more contacts, the more pitches; the more pitches, the greater than odds of making the sale. Numbers.

When you work in sales and attend “inspirational” sales meetings, the sales gurus always (and I mean ALWAYS) talk about rejections, stating that each one is about bringing you closer to your yes!

I agree with this in a lot of respects.

I DO think the product (in this case, your story) must always come first.

I also think that a “no” isn’t always a N.O. Sometimes it is a K.N.O.W – as in “I do not KNOW enough to make the decision to ‘buy’ whatever you are selling.

In the case of writing, this means the query and synopsis (our “sales” pitch) need to be top notch.  If we are getting a lot of nos…it may be time to re-evaluate the pitch.

But after that – after the writing is the BEST you can make it, and the pitch communicates to the best of your ability – the rest…

Is numbers.

So the next time you get a rejection, BE HAPPY! It means you are getting closer and closer to the YES!!!

(thanks C. Michael for reminding me!)


12 thoughts on “What Those Rejections REALLY Mean…

  1. That is an awesome, positive way of looking at it. I personally would LOVE to be getting a couple rejections because it would mean I was through revisions… lol

  2. I’ve never thought about it that way before, but I think you’re right. I think the thing to remember about agents and editors is that they are all individuals. They don’t all love the same kind of stuff. So it is about the numbers. We have to find the one that connects with our writing.

  3. That is true. It does bring you closer to yes, especially when you have an idea that what you’re “selling” isn’t the best “product” out there. In other words, you need revisions!

  4. And sometimes it’s a KNOW for you too. Because if you keep hearing the same feedback in rejections, you learn what you need to work on. You may have submitted thinking something was as good as you could make it, which it may have been at the time. But after three or four rejections mentioning the same issues, you may have vital information to help you improve the work even more.

  5. Great advice and reminder! Thank you for posting this. Elana is so right. It’s like being pregnant with 9 months of agonizing discomfort and then all is forgotten once the baby is warm and soft and alive in your arms!! 😀

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