Welcome to the first Blog Jog Event! 

What is a Blog Job, you ask…well it is a blog tour of 150 different blogs and websites. To play, you can start here, then hop over to medical mystery novelist Darden North and see what’s happening on his blog. Jog from site to site and check out the nearly 150 wonderful Blogs in the jog each a little different from the last. Many have special contests and events set up just for this day.

To see the list of participating bloggers or for more information, head over to the Blog Jog Day blog.

Now, onto today’s post:

In honor of both the Blog Jog event and Mother’s Day, I thought I’d post a short tribute to my Mom and a contest to celebrate … well … EVERYTHING!

One of my fondest memories growing up was books. It was just me and my mom for the first 10 years or so. She was an avid reader (as was her mother) and she had shelves and shelves and shelves or books. All kids – classics, mysteries, romances, children’s literature – nothing was off-limits to my mom.

I spent hours combing through the books in the house. At first, I read the kids books. Then I loved onto any book with an interesting cover. Finally, I picked up the leather-bound “old”-looking books.

I attribute my love of reading now (and the love of reading my children have) to my mother and grandmother. I also believe all that reading providing the canvas from which I now craft stories.

Pretty darn cool, right???

So, in honor of my mother and grandmother and their loved of reading – I am holding a CONTEST!

Win a Barnes & Noble gift certificate OR a 10 page critique from me! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me one of your fondest memories. If you tweet, facebook or otherwise spread the love, tell me and I will give you an additional entry for each one.

Easy right?

Told ya May was going to rock!!!

I will be announcing the Spreading the Awesome Book Give-Away winners tomorrow and don’t forget to check out the other bloggers on the Blog Jog!!!


21 thoughts on “Blog Jog Event and a Mother’s day tribute!

  1. One of my fondest memories was was taking a trek with my big sister to a shopping center about an hour walk away from our home. It was my first time venturing off without a grownup. We bought a package of BBQ chicken with our allowance money, and then sat on the docks at the marina, throwing the bones in the water. I felt so free and grown up. I was eight.

  2. For some reason, I remember riding in the back of a Chevy van (back when they had shag carpet and wood paneling) singing at the top of my lungs to Journey’s “Lights” with all of my friends. It was the first time, and maybe the last, that I felt like I fit in.

  3. My fondest memory is going shopping with my DAD for my Mother’s Day present. He would let me pick out whatever i wanted to get her… This was our tradition..

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you for the chance to explore some great blogs…

    dsublady at aol dot com 😆

  4. Oh, wow! I’ve got tons of fondest memories. But in the spirit of Mother’s Day, here’re mine:

    My son, who was born 13 weeks prematurely, coming off the ventilator after being on it for 10 days. Being finally able to hold him. Him coming home from the hospital after 10 long weeks. The day the pediatric respirologist told me he could come off home oxygen. And one of my fondest memories was of him sitting on my lap at 4 months old (adjusted age), and listening intently as I read to him. At the same age, his sibling were more intent on chewing the book.

    Have a great Mother’s Day, Christine. 😀

  5. YAY. Reading makes me so happy. I do not have any fond reading memories before the age of oh…25, BUT I read to my kids EVERY night and they tell people, Mommy reads to us every night before bed. I am hoping this will be a fond memory for them.

    Happy Mothers Day.

  6. One of my fondest memories was holding my oldest daughters baby, she is our miracle baby. She was born at 23 weeks and she spent 4 months in the NICU. The day she came home was a joyous occasion. Next month I get to hold another new grandbaby as my youngest daughter’s third child is due mid-month.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  7. On the blog jog. I like your article for today – I posted a Mother’s Day article, too. You have a good blog. Does Word Press not have a followers gadget? If you get a chance, please visit Family Fountain.

  8. my fondest memories are of my grandmother shed read to me in he rbig rocking chair and rock me while reading shes part of why i have a huge love for books

    me and my mom dont have alot of common ground differnt people and all but we really come together when we read we like the same kinds of books and that truelly helps to pull us together some

  9. I have a very found memory of my moms mom my grandma she would always let me go true here stuff when i visit. i love going true here neclesess and rings and braclets and stuff and her perfumes.she always look so womanly to me and i always wanted to grow up and be like her.

  10. Tweeted your contest: http://twitter.com/redtoffee/status/13722944620

    I also spread the love on facebook.

    My fondest memory is in the Galapagos Islands in summer 2007. It was dawn and I was standing on an island looking out to the sea, the waves crashing against the rocks below. The gulls and other birds native to the islands were swarming in the air, which was thick with them, calling out to wake the rest of the world up. A place unspoiled by man. Perfection.

    Since become mostly bedbound with chronic illness in late 2008, I appreciate my travels more. I long to be able to go places again. And I am improving slowly.

    Laura Ann Dunks

  11. My parents bought the Child Craft books. I remember sitting in the loft surrounded by three or four books as I devoured the printed words.

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