Hey guys! Hope the weekend was fantastic. I wanted to start this beautiful third week of May with two fabulous new blogs created by a few of my amazing friends –

First, The League of Extraordinary Writers, featuring Beth Revis, Julia Karr, Angie Smibert, and Jeff Hirsch – all Debuting 2011 YA writers. This blogs explores all things dystopian…check it out!

Then, The amazing Elana Johnson, Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins joined forces to create the What Writers Read blog. This blog, focusing on all things reading, is another must read to add to your blog list! Be sure to check our their contests.

Finally, the third part of this post – the not-so-shiny word part. I took up the Page-A-Day challenge on 5/15. And it has been going well…

But unexpected.

I have written more than 8 pages (about 2K) in the past two days…but not on any of my existing WiPs. And not on some new amazing (or even lousy) idea.

Nope, I wrote the pages just for me. A series of writing exercises to get my creative juices flowing, because mine are pretty….stuck.

So, to get unstuck, I committed to writing something everyday. No pressure to make it part of a story, no need to edit or even reread. Just an attempt to get the words from my head onto the paper.

I am trusting the story will find me eventually, the words will slowly gel into something I pursue at some point.

And until then, at least I am writing something.


What so you guys do when the creative mojo is gone?


10 thoughts on “Fab New Blogs and Not-So-Shiny New Words

  1. I love the idea that you are writing just for you. Getting out of my normal environment always gets my creative juices flowing. I took my kids to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs in La Cañada yesterday and I swear my brain is overflowing with new story ideas. I can’t type fast enough!!

  2. *hugs* Thanks for the link love!

    And I think as long as you’re writing–who cares what it is? Eight days of writing exercises sure beats eight days of nothing…and it can all eventually lead to something more substantial.

  3. Congrats on eight pages! I think we should celebrate all accomplishments!

    When I’m stuck I either turn to research, character sheets or other ‘maintenance’ work…or I just force myself to continue on, figuring I can beautify it later.

  4. When the mojo goes missing I know it’s time for a break. I have a tendency to stretch myself too thin and that’s sort of my personal gauge around how I’m handling things. I take a few days – sometimes longer – off from wips and then recharge.

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