Happy Friday all! Today will end the fist week of the Page-A-Day challenge. I have done these kind of challenges before – all with good results. But after the writing slump I was in, I really didn’t think I would get more than te minimum out of this challenge.


Once I took the pressure to writing SOMETHING off of my plate, and concentrated only on writing ANYTHING…things opened up. Dramatically. I pounded out 5 and 6 pages in my writing journal. Explored some things inside that have been holding me back, gave myself the gift of distance and perspective to explore these difficult emotions for the point of few of a character.

And I read. A lot (finished 2 books this past week, and started a third – not to mention the blogs I read).

Somewhere between the free writing and the reading, it happened.

First an echo of my muse danced just out of reach, teasing me. I ignored it, kept writing about nothing…

The echo turned into a whisper soft in my ear. Muddled. Unclear.

I still ignored it.

The whisper grew as the words began to take on meaning.

I knew the voice. Knew the character. Knew which story was ready.

And it wasn’t the story I thought I would write.

At first I ignored it again. Until I read a post that opened the flood gates. Something an agent said they had been looking for. Something an editor asked for.

I had that something in my story idea file.

But, was it really ready to be written. Really?

I shoved the thought away…wrote more pages of nothing.

Until the dam broke. 

And I wrote 2K last night on the story that was ready to be born.

All totalled, I wrote 40 pages and more than 10K in six days. Some on a story not yet ready to be written, most in a journal for me only, and some on a story just screaming to get out.

I can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

How about you guys? How is your writing going?


8 thoughts on “The Return of my Muse

  1. Yay! Congrats on getting the muse back and writing like mad! Sometimes all you need is to ignore HER for a while, and then she comes crawling back like a repentant puppy (and how can you really resist puppy eyes?). Give her a cookie, and then keep the rest of them for yourself – you deserve it! 🙂

  2. WAY TO GO! Don’t you LOVE that momentum when it comes? I’m all about it during my WRITE LIKE YOU’RE ON FIRE challenge this week. So far, I didn’t make the word count that I wanted to – but I got more than 5K written – and they’re NEW words! Hoping to keep that momentum going 😀 Congrats!

  3. Woot! Woot! Good job!
    I’ve hit the wall.
    So I decided to take time off writing/editing my MS an concentrating on blogs or emails or short stories. Oh! And reading.
    Thanks for your encouraging post! I really needed it!

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