Well, I missed my normal PADC update with the Blog Chain post an all…so…

Here is the scoop on my page-a-day challenge:

  • I wrote just over 20 pages – not nearly as good as the preceeding week…but at least most of it was on my current WiP
  • I sent the beginnings of the new WiP to a couple of betas last week for feedback – do you ever do that, get feedback early on just to see if you’re on the right track? I am doing a few things different (for me) with regards to structure and voice, so I needed to see how it was going. Anyways, their feedback was great and encouraged me to keep going.
  • I finished up several critiques to help get me back into the writing/editing swing. It felt good to get so much accomplished (and yes, Michelle, I am reading yours later today)

Most importantly, I am happy to report that I have been writing everyday in some form – It has helped get me back on the horse, so-to-speak. Who knows, maybe I’ll even post a teaser at some point.

How are you guys doing with your writing? Any news to share?

Come back on Friday for news about a CONTEST to celebrate some June Happenings.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Words…I hope

  1. Stil revising, LOL! But at least I *think* I’m past chapter one…we’ll see… *giggles*

    Glad to hear you’re gettin’ back in it, Christine! 😀

    PS, I REALLY appreciate your help–it’s been SO valuable!

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