A few weekends ago, SCBWI had an agent day in sunny Southern California. Although I was unable to attend, the fabulous Ingrid Sundberg posted a series of advice articles gleaned from her experiences at the event.

Check these out:

Tips for Pitching and Querying Agents  by the amazing Mary Kole

Let’s Make a Deal: An Editor/Agent Mock Negotiation by Agents Brenda Bowen an Rebecca Sherman

Eight Myths about Literary Agents by Rebecca Sherman

Querying Do’s and Don’ts by Rebecca Sherman

Agent Insight – featuring Mary Kole and Kevon Lyon  – – – Great insight if you are thinking of querying either one!

Go read these articles – they are packed with GREAT information!!!

What conferences have you attended lately? Any great info to share?

And Thanks Ingrid, for making feel like I made it to the event after all!

7 thoughts on “Great advice from the experts…

  1. These are great links Christine! Thank you for sharing them 🙂 I’m hoping to begin querying soon so the “Querying Do’s and Don’ts” is especially very helpful for me…

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