Hey guys! Today’s post is inspired by a few posts I’ve been reading around the blogosphere about staying motivated, this week’s edition of the fabulous ezine The Prosperous Writer (and really, you should be reading the ezine), and So You Think You Can Dance (yeah, I know, I watch too much reality TV)

Christina Katz’s ezine highlighted the importance of commitment with regards to writing. In her words, commitment is more than perseverance through the tough times. It is a a conscious action you take with regards to writing. It can drive you to participate fully in the craft of writing, dedicating yourself to more than writing for yourself.

It relates to goals – but is more than that.

It relates to following your dreams – but is much more.

Christina Katz said it best:

…commitment reminds us of what is really important. It grants us space to screw up. To say the wrong thing. To have a fight that doesn’t end in divorce. To be ourselves. To express ourselves. To reveal ourselves. And perhaps most importantly, to trust ourselves.

So I ask you:

  • Are you committed to improving the craft of writing?
  • Are you committed to learning the business of writing?
  • Are you committed to growing your platform in whatever way is most productive for you?
  • Are you committed to continuing to grow no matter what happens – what failures occur, what fights with your muse you have – are you still committed?

If you can shout YES to the above, then you are seriously ready to



Since I totally believe in COMMITTING to the process LOUDLY, I have a little extra motivation for you…

Leave a comment stating your commitment to writing, tell me you are ready to GO BIG or GO HOME, and I will reward you with a contest.

Yep, that is right…you leave a comment, I enter you into a contest for a $20 Barnes and Nobel gift card AND a 10-page critique from me!!!

Are you in?

Extra entries (1 each) for blogging, tweeting or otherwise spreading the love (be sure to tell me you’ve done that in the comments) AND for “liking” my FB fanpage.

Contest closes Sunday, June 6. I’ll annonce the winner on Monday. Easy right?




23 thoughts on “GO BIG or GO HOME! (and a little contest)

  1. I am SO committed. I have two jobs, two kids, and a pregnant wife, so I don’t have as much time as I would like. However, the free time I DO have is spent writing (including two writers groups).

  2. I’m committed to improving my craft and challenging myself to try things I never thought I’d attempt to do (1st person POV, present tense). I’ve recently finished two online writers workshops, which helped with the first committment. 😀

  3. Hi. My name is Jonathon and I need to be committed.

    Okay, am now committed.

    No, now I am UBER-COMMITTED!

    Thanks for inspiring me, Christine! I am off to show my WiP who’s boss, again.

  4. I just spent the last four months ignoring my poor family to finish revising my wip. I tried to come out of my computer and play mommy, but my mind was completely possessed by my own little world.

    I finished last week and I have 1 more week before school is out to polish my query and send it to the list of agents I’ve been collecting over the last few months. I’m terrified, but I’ve reached the point where I have nothing to lose. I’ve worked on my novel for 2 years and it has grown and improved so much that I have hope. Commitment and hope. Lots of hope…yeah.

    Charity from My Writing Journey
    Don’t bother with the nativityfestival link. 😉

  5. Hi Christine! I am committed to working on my craft a little each day, to learning the business a little each day and to building my platform a little each day. Which should all add up to BIG commitment!

    I’ll tweet this @vbtremper.


  6. Christine, you are always awesome – thanks for this great post! I grew up on a farm and I know what hard work is. Hmmm….I think I know what I’m going to blog about on Monday…comparing writing to farming! 🙂

    I RTed your tweet about this and I’m already fan on Facebook (and otherwise). 🙂


  7. This morning, I’ve been pushing through a difficult scene. Write two sentences, erase one. Write three more sentences, erase four. But I refused to give up! Because when I do, I end up taking a few days off from writing and lose more ground than I would have if I had kept going. So I decided a twitter break was in order, where I happened to stumble upon your site and now you’ve just invigorated me to get back at it. thank you! So, I re-tweeted it in hopes that it this has passed on to someone else in need this writing AM. And I now officially like your FB page as well.

    Thanks for the pep talk!

  8. YES! I am committed to the craft of writing! Finishing grad school, teaching full time, in my second year of marriage, and I am still pounding away at my fiction and journaling almost every day. I will renew my goal to write every day starting now.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Retweeted @yankeewriter

  9. Last year I decided to make my lifelong dream of writing a novel a reality. It hasn’t been easy! I’m a mom of three busy kids and an active duty military husband…which means I don’t have a lot of free time to write. But I am committed to my goal so I sneak in 30 minutes of writing at soccer practice or 10 minutes while waiting at the orthodontist. I write whenever and for as long as I can, which usually doesn’t amount to much…but I type on nonetheless. After all, my novel isn’t going to write itself!

    Thanks for the inspiring post and great contest. I have retweeted (@kfentonwhite), posted on my blog (kfentonwhite.blogspot.com), and liked your facebook page.

  10. Great idea Christine.
    I’m committed to writing. It is more than a creative outlet for me, it has become something I have to do. The stories and characters inside my brain scream at me to be told and, after years of silencing them, I refuse to push them away.

  11. Awesome post!

    I really like that quote. Trust is a hard thing. Trusting oneself is harder–for me anyway. I also like that this is a conscious thing, not some ephemeral thing that happens on a whim. Writing is hard work. Writing professionally is even harder because it requires everything from a person.

    So yes. I am consciously working at going big. This doesn’t mean I don’t quit every so often. :p I’m definitely committed to doing all those things. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!


  12. I am SO ready to go BIG. I’ve been staring blankly at the pages on my screen, trying to edit them. I’m so into it, that lay in bed at night trying to fix scenes. (I hate when I don’t get up and forget the fix in the morning.) I have had the current WIP on my mind so much, I’ve dreamt about it.

    I “liked” your FB page.

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