So my partner-in-crime (okay, critique partner) Elana Johnson and I were chatting the other night (and yes, we are always chatting) about the progress, or lack there of, on our latest projects. Rather than explain it, I thought I’d just let you read for yourself:

  • me – I have written….  VERY LITTLE
      I keep deleting everything I write
  • Elana – Hey, stop that!
      No deleting until I’ve read it.
  • me – hahahahaha
      trust me…SRSLY!
  • Elana – I do not trust you in this regard. No more deleting.
  • me – what!  I am shocked…
      You DONT trust me?????
  • Elana – Not in this regard!
      stern face
  • me – alright…alright
      I’ll TRY
      but dude…this is ME you are talking to!
  • Elana – No more deletage.

There is a point to all this rambling.

I realized as we chatted, and then later when I attempted to write, that I am an edit-as-I-go writer. I will write, rewrite, and rewrite the first chapter of a new project a gazillion times!


Then I’ll send it to a couple of peeps to make sure I am coming across the way I want to with regards to voice.

All of this before I get any more than 10K into the story (in fact – I often do this before I even reach 5K).

Why on earth do I do this? I really don’t know. But it seems to help me a lot.

Once I have the beginning set the way I like it, I can map out the rest of the story and write write write.

What about you guys? Tell me about your process.

(And yes, Elana…I am writng now without deleting!)

10 thoughts on “Not so shiny words…

  1. Oh, you know me. I throw up the first draft, and proceed to delete most of it anyway. But hey, at least I got it out. You’ve got to get it out, girl. 🙂

  2. I am like you Christine. I edit as I go. But if I feel like I will be doing major deletage I will save-as and work in a new copy just in case a flash of brilliance happened and I missed it, lol!

  3. This is why is takes me FOREVER to write a friggin paragraph. The first sentence is the hardest. After that, it rolls right along until a transition…then the process starts all over again. So, frustrating. I hear there are programs out there that disable your delete key…but I’m too scared to try it! No telling what that draft would look like 🙂

  4. I also am an edit as I write. Of course, then when my critique group finally hears the current version, more rewriting has to be done.

  5. You’re not alone. I try REALLY hard not to read anything I just wrote because if my eye should fall upon an unfortunate phrase I get sucked into editing mode and I delete and rewrite and delete some more. It’s sad when you finish writing for the day with fewer words than when you started!

  6. I hand-write everything, so I edit a bit when I type it up, but I like to get the whole story out first, because I know something is going to change halfway through and I’ll have to change the beginning for it. So I try not to make any part of it too good until after I know what the heck is going on (also, I don’t write outlines, so I’m just going along for the ride the first time. And sometimes the second time :P).

    My husband is a line-editor as he goes though. Which is why he’s not written a whole book, but what he has written sounds MUCH better than my whole un-edited books.

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