A month ago, a fab teen writer and editor, Weronika Janczuk decided to put this whole “write every day” thing into perspective and challenged the blogosphere to just focus on writing ONE page a day. Easy, right? And just what I needed to get back on the “writing” horse.

From 5/15 to 6/15, I focused on just trying to get out one darn page. This was a HUGE undertaking for me as I was just coming off a pretty serious illness and hadn’t written much of anything in months…yeah, I said it…MONTHS.

So, on 5/15 I started writing in a journal. Nothing major. NOTHING I would share with anyone. Just words on the page.

Within a week a character, Ashlynn, started poking around, wondering what I was doing. A few days later, she started telling me HER story. Being the good writer that I am, I wrote it down. By week 2, I had started something new.

But, as is usually the case with such challenges, Ashlynn grew fickle. She teased me and I let my inner editor chase her away. Well, not really- but that blasted inner editor did manage to shut her up a bit. My writing stalled. I started to skip a few days.

So I pulled out the journal, and just wrote in it…no pressure, just pouring my thoughts into written words.

It helped. Ashlynn returned. Her story began to take shape again.

I had a couple of friends read the first few pages. Their feedback encouraged me and Ashlynn. So I outlined the story and wrote a few more pages.

Then, I got the edits for my parenting book. I had to put Ashlynn and her story aside. My edits took priority.

First order of business – add many many many pages. Fortunately, my amazing editor had good ideas of where and what to add. I went to work and cranked out over 70 pages in a few days.

Which brings us to the end of this little challenge. Here are my overall results:

  • Pages written – 189 (or about 47K) – That’s almost Nano speed

The breakdown – 

  • 70 pages on my parenting book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children
  • 53 pages on the new story, Perfect Scars
  • The rest, about 66 pages, in my journal.

This was a great experience for me. Thanks Weronika for doing this.

Anyone out there try the #PADC challenge? How did you do?

For those who missed it, I am planning a #PADC of my own over the fourth of July weekend. Let’s see if we can manage a few pages in between our BBQs and fireworks.


7 thoughts on “Page-A-Day (#padc) – THE RESULTS!

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of writing! Good job! 😀

    And I have to say, you’ve been inspiring me to write at least a little bit a day (maybe not a page, but something at least, even if it’s just a few ideas on a sticky – anything to further the story).

  2. You did awesomely!
    I found a site called Page A Day, or something like that. I got an email everyday to gently remind me to write. It was very helpful! And a whole new story came out of it as well. Kinda dark story that I didn’t know was lurking around but I love it.
    I think I wrote 16 pages of that, edited 20, wrote 6 poems.

  3. I am IMPRESSED with your output! Page a day my foot…that was like SIX pages a day.

    I think my total page count was 94. I skipped a couple days at the end, too. A good exercise overall.

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