Yep – I went crazy this week and decided to post TWO incredible interviews. Monday was Elana Johnson, and…

Today features Bethany Wiggins. I first got to know Bethany on the QT forum. Then, I got to know her a little more through mutual friends.

Bethany recently sold her book, THE HUNTED. Here are the deets:

Bethany Pinnell’s THE HUNTED, in which a seventeen-year-old shapeshifter is being hunted by supernatural creatures, and her only hope for survival is found in Navajo legend, to Emily Easton at Walker, for publication in 2011, by Marlene Stringer at the Stringer Literary Agency (World).

Time to learn more about Bethany and her incredible stories: 

CF: How long have you been writing? Why did you start?

BW: I have been writing for seven years. It all started one random day when my older sister told me she watched an interview with the author of Holes and he said all it takes to write a book is an hour a day. And then she told me she was going to write a book and asked if I wanted to write one, too. I said, why not?

CF: Tell me about your writing process. Are you a “pantser” or do you outline? Edit forever? Paint a picture of your process for us.

BW: I do a little of everything when I write. I have a beginning point for my story, a middle point and an end. And then I fill in all the blanks. I edit as I go (read the stuff I wrote yesterday and spruce it up before I start writing new stuff today). But the biggest, most important thing for me is printing up a hard copy to edit. I don’t know what it is about holding the printed MS in my hands, but my editing skills are quadrupled when I have the entire MS in my hand vs. on the computer screen. Also, the more I write, the better I get at it, the less it needs to be edited.

CF: What is the hardest aspect of being a writer? Have you ever wanted to quit?

BW: The hardest aspect of being a writer is doing it while I have three small children to raise. Because they come first. And some days I’m spread so thin, it’s all I can do not to get overwhelmed and run away. There are times I have wanted to quit. Those times are kindled when I feel like I am slacking in the mothering department. But then things calm back down, I get my house clean again and the laundry folded, and all of a sudden, I have time to write. Also, I only write when my kids are sleeping, which means at night.

CF: Where do you find your inspiration?

BW: I find inspiration in really random things. Like mine shafts (see below) and black dyed hair (see below again). I find inspiration watching the news and seeing a person who is albino on one side of her body, and black on the other. ie: What would happen if her albino eye could see the future and her regular eye could see how to alter the future?

CF: What inspired THE HUNTED?

BW: When I was fifteen, I lived in the small town in New Mexico. On Saturdays, my cousins and I would ride our mountain bikes up to this long-abandoned silver mine. The ground was caving into the mine in places, these gaping holes that were so deep, we couldn’t see the bottom. Icy air floated out of the sunken mine shafts. It was a haunting, magical place, so I wrote a book that takes place in that small town.

CF: Are any of the characters like you?

BW: None of my characters are like me, per se, but several are based on people I know. My MC, Maggie Mae, was inspired by a friend of mine who dyed her hair black, and with black hair, her brown eyes looked like gold. Maggie has a lot of similar characteristics to this friend as well, like she won’t put up with crap, she’s independent, and she’s not afraid to get in a fight.

CF: What can you share about any future projects?

BW: Future projects? There are so many things trapped in my brain, I don’t know which to talk about.

CF: Most bizarre random fact about you – something you doubt we know about you?

BW: Thirteen years ago I chased my boyfriend across the country by Greyhound bus and married him in his mom’s back yard.

CF: One piece of advice for up-and-coming writers.

BW: Getting published takes a lot of time and even more work. If you’re not willing to work your butt off and then wait years for a publishing contract, you probably shouldn’t be a writer. So hone those patience skills, type until your fingers fall off and enjoy the *long* ride.

Thanks so much for stopping by Bethany! I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. I do hope you come back when it comes out.

What questions do you guys have for Bethany?

9 thoughts on “Interview with the Incredible Bethany Wiggins

  1. First of all, upon opening my Google Reader I was informed I had an unread blog from “The musings of Christ” and my first thought was, God really is keeping up with modern technology. Good for him!

    Second, I just wanted to echo the other posters and say that I love Bethany, too! I can’t wait to see her book on the shelves!

  2. Wonderful interview! I can always do with having another succesful author to remind me about patience. I need to hear it again and again.
    Thanks Bethany!

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