I got up this morning and wrote this quick post. It’s about something I have thinking about for days…writers,writing, and all the stuff that gets in the way.

Before I hit post, I read my daily blog post reading…and guess what – Elana Johnson had posted a similar thing – Real Writers Write. If you haven’t read that…go do it.

“Shoot,” I thought…we’re blogging about the same darn thing again.

But, it bears repeating…

Writers need to write!

If you have a book coming out, you still need to be working on your craft. If your madly building platform and marketing….you STILL need to be writing.

After all, you WILL want to have another book rto sell eventually. You WILL need to constantly strive for more in your writing. Neither happens without writing.

The page-a-day challenge forced me to prioritize my writing. And I am so glad it did.

With my book coming out in less than four months, it would be easy to really lose myself in stuff related to the launch. But you know what, I have other books I need to work on too, other books I’d like to get under contract, other genre’s I’d like to break into. All of that requires me to write and get better with my craft.

So I am balancing writing with the other stuff. Or at least I’m trying.

In the words of Elana and Mary E Pearson, Real Writers Write!

How about you? Are you writing?


10 thoughts on “Writers…

  1. dang…guess I should get writing huh LOL Well, since I finally FINALLY finished the NF book, I get to start on a fiction project. Woohoo!!!! Gotta get the kids’ room clean first though. Then the house is in order and ready for me to ignore it again! 😀

  2. LOL, does revising count??? I’m really waiting for an idea to strike me too…I think something’s there, but I’m lettin’ me wee little brain ponder it a bit before I open the Word document and squash it out by mistake.

  3. I’m trying! Progress comes in fits and spurts though.

    Actually, hubbers has been really wonderful and is encouraging me to go hide out somewhere right after work for a few hours so I can write in peace before coming home to face the chaos. He’s even offered to bring my dinner to the office so I won’t have to write on an empty stomach.

  4. I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like, but my blog definitely helps out on the daily writing frontier. I’ve always thought it invaluable to write SOMEthing – anything – every day, and I can see that I’ve improved. It’s all really exciting, to see where I was even as little as a year ago compared to where I am now. 🙂

  5. I get anxious when I don’t write… It feels like I’m a writer as long as I’m putting words down on paper, so even if I don’t write, I revise, I post something on my blog etc.
    I couldn’t agree more; Real Writer Write! 🙂

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