I have had more than my share of sleepless nights of late. Too much on my mind; too many things I can’t seem to shut off inside. True, this week’s insomnia is probably related to SuperHubby’s absence (he is back tonight!). But, it isn’t the only time this has happened to me.

I’ve tried several things to get to sleep this week:

  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Warm milk
  • TV
  • Boring TV
  • Reading (yeah, that NEVER works)
  • hanging out on the net (bad idea also)

Nothing I’ve tried works. On nights like these I find myself tossing and turning until I hear the morning birds around 5am.  Then I take a “nap” for an hour or two and start the day over again.

After nearly a week of this I figure I need a better plan…

So I’m asking you:

Do you ever suffer from insomnia? What are your favorite cures?


15 thoughts on “In honor of sleepless nights…

  1. Insomnia suscks!! It runs rampant in this country. I don’t like mess, but a benadryl (or any other sleep aid) here and there can help restore a natural cycle. Some wreck sleep architecture, but gets you back into phase.

    Busy minds don’t make for sleepy ones. Have you heard of sleep hygeine? It’s all over the interntet–takes practice (to form the habit), but works better than the mess in the long term.

    M’kay, I think that’s enough unsolicited advice! So, what do I do? I wait until I’m really tired to go to bed. Thinking and tossing and turning get me no where but frustrated. Things straighten out after s few days.

    Good luck!

  2. I am also guilty of taking the benadryl hit, but it’s really a bad idea. I had a doc prescribe something more appropriate for this current period of anxiety and upheaval (I am leaving the practice of law to stay home with family and explore writing.) Interesting side effect — I get some interesting dream activity that sometimes wakes me, and then I write in barely legible handwriting to get my ideas down. Two days later, if they are still interesting they go in the idea folder. Keep pad and pen at your nightstand.

  3. Laura’s right about sleep hygeine. My DH has insomnia, and his doctors are big on that. When he’s in a bad cycle, not much helps, but the most effective thing is deep breathing. Yoga has helped him a lot.

    And I agree about the Benadryl too. Not good for every day, but it’s great to get you through a rough night or two.

  4. LOL I think all writers suffer from insomnia. And I have never found a cure. I generally try t.v. Reading – yeah, never works. Especially if it’s a good book. And if it’s not a good book I just get bored, not tired 🙂

  5. I’ve had times when I suffered from insomnia, usually because I can’t shut my mind off. What helps me is to get up and write down whatever I’m thinking about. Then I don’t have to turn it over in my head and I can get to sleep.

  6. I am so bad about doing this when my hubby is gone too. So, I usually give into it and stay up to write. Then I take a crash nap in the morning before my kids wake up.

  7. I’m not an insomniac by nature. In fact, I’m a pretty good sleeper in general. But when I am on a big deadline and especially when one is approaching, start waking up super early, at like 4-5 a.m. My strategy has been to just go ahead and get up and get to work. I enjoy the stillness at home and find it so much easier to settle into work than during the daylight hours. And then if I need to take a quick nap during work hours, I do. If you get up two or three hours early and you nap for one or two hours, you are still ahead. So, my suggestions is try to make it work for you rather than try to find a cure. And then assess whether or not that strategy is sustainable. 🙂

  8. Oops! I think I just accidently sent an incomplete reply. Sorry…trying again.

    Have you tried a glass of wine at bed time? Wine, slow deep breathing, peaceful visualizations…

    Sleeping medications, including benedryl, give me bad dreams and make me draggy in the morning.

    Writing in the middle of the night works for a once-in-a-while solution, but a series of those nights makes me grumpy and results in awful writing decisions.

  9. Insomnia is such a pain in the butt.

    Like you, my insomnia hits when there is much going on in my life, and therefore much on my mind. After suffering for a few nights, I remember that insomnia is related to my activity level — the more busy and stressed I am- the less time I take for myself. When I stop and take the time to go for a walk, do some yoga, talk to friends things start to straighten out and I get back into my regular sleep schedule. I’ve never found that taking sleep meds really solves the problem — its only worked for one night and then I am back to the sleepless nights thing..

    Whatever you try — I hope it works!

  10. You guys are all so awesome! You know, I agree…the sleepless nights are/were definitely related to some unresolved things going on. So, I did some serious work on those and hopefully that will solve some of the problem.

    I am not typically prone to insomnia…so yeah, hoping to solve this sooner rather than later. Thanks for the great ideas

  11. When I’m having trouble sleeping, I think about the messiest room in the house, or the dishes that need to be washed and I tell myself to get up and wash them or go clean that messy room–since I’m up anyway, right? Guess what? Suddenly I can sleep!

    Also, Personally, I don’t recommend alcohol of any kind right before bed–it might get you to sleep at first, but then I have read studies that say you don’t get as restful a sleep. This could be totally wrong though… 😉

  12. When I get ideas rolling around, I get insomnia. Usually after a few days of this, my body gets so tired it forces me to recharge. But it’s a pain in the butt!

    Sometimes I’ll actually do math problems in my head, like figuring out my monthly budget. I get so bored of it I totally fall asleep.

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