It has been a LONG time since I did one of these. But hey, I’m in a truthful mood. So….

1) I am terrified about THE TEEN starting HS!

2) I am LOUSY at waiting. Just plain LOUSY at it.

3) Writerly peeps = best people ever.

4) I am fully planning on staying in my pjs all day and watching movies with the munchkins. Of course, I ‘m not sure when I’ll do this…but yeah, a PJ MOVIE DAY is definitely in my future

5) My current WiP is YA contemporary and I just learned it is really hard to write it well! (But I am figuring it out…)

What do you have going on today? Any truths to share???


5 thoughts on “Tell the Truth Tuesday

  1. Eh, high school has its ups and downs. Mine has some good days and some bad. I agree with you though about waiting (for some things anyway). I do PJ days all the time though lol. And what is YA “Temporary” actually? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one.

  2. “but yeah, a PJ MOVIE DAY is definitely in my future”–>fabulous idea! Wish I could do the same but stuck at the office today.

    I am also ruminating on a YA…and an SF (definitely not Fantasy, tho). But where does that put the second draft of my lit fiction manuscript? Ouch, the truth hurts!

  3. I like the sound of that PJ and movie day! Nice.

    Truth? I’m not nearly as stressed about moving as I think I should be. 🙂 And I really don’t want to cook dinner tonight. Chick Fil’A is sounding better and better.

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