Well, here I am on vacation and my body has not adjusted time zones. Like at all. So I am up and wide awake at 3am. Of course, by 8pm I am TIRED and I crash…which totally prevents my body from “syncing” with the right time zone.

Oh well, at least it gives me about 3 hrs in the am to write.

Or in my case, redo my website, this blog, and the blog related to giftedness (now called An Intense Life).

So, check them out and tell me what you think. Redoing facebook pages later – they take a while!

Other randomness:

  • I haven’t surfed in a LONG time…I’m pretty much sucktacular at it now. Seriously – NOT. GOOD.
  • I have been seriously procrastinating on my new WiP. But, I am determined to open the file. Today.
  • Writerly friends are the best. That is all.

Okay, enough randomness. I promised a little teaser of the new WiP – but I’m not quite ready to share yet. So…you have to wait!

What randomness can you share with me today?


9 thoughts on “A bit of randomness…

  1. The blog looks great. Hope your body can sync-up with your vacation spot. I’ve been without children since Monday and I’m just now started to relax and not feel ansy. Afraid I’ll get used to quiet and freedom about the time I get to see them. Have fun.

    1. So THIS is random: I thought you said you had been without CHICKEN since Monday, and that you were starting to relax. And I was thinking “yeah, I feel the same way about chicken”


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