Have you?

Christina Katz talked about rhythm in her ezine, The Prosperous Writer. She stated that finding one’s rhythm with regards to both quiet time to contemplate your writing and in terms of writing time itself was essential to cultivating a writer’s life. I think I agree with this.

There are many ways to think of rhythm –

Literally, as it relates to the way in which you put words on the page – your author’s voice.

And figuratively, as it relates to the beat of the drum you march to in your life – your path, in a way.

There are many other words we use for rhythm –

Either way, rhythm has a purpose to a writer. And finding one’s rhythm – one’s voice and one’s path – is key to finding the authenticity you can bring to your life as a writer.

I’ve blogged a million times on the topic of authenticity – both in writing and in life. I think finding your rhythm – your “way” of doing things is the surest way to find your authenticity in your life.

There are many routes to publication, just as there are many ways to write a particular story – many points of view. Finding the one that is uniquely yours takes practice, but it is practice well spent. It is this path – this rhythm – that can help shape the life you cultivate as a writer, and give you the direction and foundation you’ll need during the more difficult phases of this business.

What about you guys – do you think “being rhythmic” is an essential aspect of being a writer.


5 thoughts on “I’ve got Rhythm

  1. Great post! I can’t pinpoint my writing voice, but I’ve been told that I have a great voice in my novels. I can see/hear/read it in other people’s work, but not my own. Am I too close to see it?

    I liken the rhythm of my life as a writer to playing piccolo. There are long periods of rest when I can’t write. But when I do, it’s loud, bright and high-pitched sprinkled with occasional trills when I’m really excited.

    I began playing flute at 10 and piccolo at 12 – yes, I was a total band geek. Maybe my next comment will reference marching band. 😉

  2. I vacillate between periods of hectic activity and periods of frozen stillness. I’m working on slow and steady. Maybe it’s helped. I think I’m finding my voice just now…

    Great post!

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