Happy July 1. You know, July is one of my fav months. Not only does the whole month just scream SUMMER…but there are other cool things happening this month too:

1) Registration for WriteOnCon is now open – go check it out! Register!!!

2) THE Teen’s B-day is at the end of the month – always a reason to celebrate.

3) Vacations (yep, I’m still in HI), camps (which means writing time for mom), and impromptu BBQs (love an excuse to enjoy life)

4) And finally – My HUGELY FANTASTIC REASON for loving July….

I SOLD MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, my advice book for kids, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR GIFTED KIDS, has been sold.

Here are the deets from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Christine Fonseca, MS, PPS’s THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR GIFTED KIDS, an important resource for gifted kids in a kid-friendly format, giving them tips, strategies and answers to some of their most challenging dilemmas, to Prufrock Press, for publication in Fall 2011, by Krista Goering at Krista Goering Literary Agency (World).

Β Told ya July was made of AWESOME!!!!


31 thoughts on “Why July is AMAZING!

  1. I’m so so so so thrilled for you!! Congratulations! Yay!! And you know I’ll be buying this one. And seriously? You got to announce this news in HI??? Hello!! You must be over the moon. Yayyyyyyy!

  2. Holy YAY, Batman! I am so happy for you! You must be so thrilled! And I of course will buy because I think my kids are gifted!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Seriously, way ta go!!! You must be sooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! What a great holiday you’ll have!!!!!

    xoxo — Hilary

  3. Had to pop over give you a big round of applause on your book sale. Your journey to publication just jumped from Motel 8 to the Ritz.

  4. congratulations! i just saw the announcement in PM (of course if i had been online today and read your blog earlier, i would have see it here first – LOL).

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