More celebrations around the interwebz…

*** CONTEST CLOSED 7/9/2010***

First off, let me say a HUGE thank you to everyone in the interwebz for yesterday. Beng able to announce my second book deal was epic for me, and I am thrilled I got to share with all of you. It makes waiting to share OTHER cool news and waiting for find out still more news, that much easier.

We really do spend a lot of time waiting, don’t we….

Anyways, my celebrating hasn’t stopped, so I thought I’d share info on several FAB contests around the web before sharing info on mine (yes, told ya there would be a contest!)

So, here are the contests I entered this week. They all close next week sometime, so check them out…

I am certain there are others – but those are the ones I entered this week.

So, how about mine:

Well, to celebrate the sale of The Ultimate Guide for Gifted Kids, I thought I put together a Hawaiian writing prize pack:

Here are the deets:

  • Tons of tropical post-its for edits
  • Pens
  • Note-pads
  • Macadamia nuts
  • A 10-page crit from me
  • A B&N gift card

Cool, right!

To enter, just leave me a comment. You get 1 extra entry for each of the following:

  • follow me on Twitter
  • follow me on FB
  • “Like” my author page on FB
  • Tweet, blog or otherwise spread the word (1 entry each)

Contest ends July 9th.

Thanks again for helping me celebrate. July and Aug are fun, party months in my house and on my blog…so be sure to check back often throughout the summer as we celebrate book birthdays, happy news and each other’s journey towards publication.

26 thoughts on “More celebrations around the interwebz…

  1. Ooh, your Hawaiian theme is perfect for how summery I’m feeling today :D Thanks! Consider this my entry (+1), and I also followed you on Twitter, FB and “liked” your fan page (Nice job, by the way!) for four total entries :D Fun fun!

  2. so apparently I was in la-la land or something yesterday but saw the sale on my email screen (PM) and yelled out—WOO HOO I am SOOOOOOOOOOO very happy for you! xoxo

  3. so excited for you and thanks for all the cool links! I am following everything of yours I can follow and headed over to show you some Twitter and FB love ;-D

  4. Congratulations! So awesome! And I “liked” your author page on FB. :) Fun summer prize pack.

  5. Count me in, lady!!!! ;) We’s friends on FB, I “like” your author page, and follow you on Twitter…in fact, I’m off to tweet this thing NOW! :D

  6. Still so psyched about your good news! I’m going to put your contest on my sidebar!

  7. Um, where was I yesterday? This is the first I’m hearing about your big sale, Christine. CONGRATS!!!! :D

  8. HUGE congrats!!!! You are living the dream, how awesome! *off to follow you all over the place*

  9. Congrats again!!! Great contest you are hosting!! And yes, we do lots of waiting.

  10. Congrats again and count me in. I follow you on twitter and facebook and yes I “like” you! Good luck with the contests.

  11. Hey Christine,

    I missed your good news yesterday – so huge congrats! That’s awesome! We do wait a lot, yes. I already follow you on Twitter and FB, so I guess I’m at 3 entries. I’ll tweet your contest now.

    All the best!

  12. Sounds amazing. So many congrats for your deal. Love it!! I already follow you on twitter and your blog. I ‘liked’ you. Not like I already didn’t. LOL.

  13. Sooo….all of your posts, tweets, etc really have me in a tropical mood. I’d <3 to win!

    I follow you on Twitter, FB, "like" your FB page and I tweeted the contest, so my total is 5 entries! Yay!!!

  14. You had me at “tropical post-its”, lol. Thanks for the contest!

    I follow you on twitter and facebook. Because I’m stalkerish like that… ;)

  15. Enter me! Enter me! I will tweet your contest right now. Thanks for the cool contest!!

  16. I totally missed this over the weekend! Congrats on the book deal! That’s great news :D

  17. Congrats! Cool prizes, count me in!

  18. Love this site , Christine! Count me in! If I win, save the postage – just give it to me in person when I come out to LA for the SCBWI!

  19. Hi! Great contest! I’m following on FB, “liked” your author page already, and directed people here on my status.

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  21. Cute idea for the Hawaiian theme! Here’s hoping Lady Luck is with me! :)

  22. I don’t think I got to say congrats to you, so BIG TIME CONGRATS! Happy dance, happy dance. This contest though is so cool. What better way to feel like a Hawaii vacation than all this great stuff (besides actually going, of course)? Please enter me in. I’m afraid I don’t do FB or Twitter (because it would suck all the remaining time and life out of me), but I have at least this entry :)

  23. You’re giving away POST-ITs???? I am sooooo in!!!

  24. Would love to be entered! I follow you on facebook, as well as on Twitter (I think… I’ll go double check), and follow your Gifted blog.

    You’re so generous! This is a great giveaway. Thanks, Christine.

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