Firstly, I’d like to give a big thanks to Christine for hosting me today! Guest blogging is so much fun because I get to meet a whole bunch of new people. Hi everybody! *waves emphatically*
I must confess that meeting new people in real life can be anxiety provoking for me. (Odd, I know, given that I work in a “people profession,” but still, it’s true.) Why? Well, I think part of it has to do with being an extreme introvert. Introversion means I spend a GREAT deal of time inside my head, wholly invested in my thoughts, imaginings, and fantasies. Since it’s my head, I find it incredibly fascinating, LOL!
Yeah, I believe there are some pretty awesome bonuses to being stuck within the confines of my cranium. Wandering around the nooks and crannies of my grey matter gives me the opportunity to find inspiration for new stories and plots. It allows me to try on a character’s skin, to imagine how they see the world and how they react to it. My hope is that it lends a certain authenticity to my work (I hope, I hope!).
The danger of this—for me, anyway—is a tendency to take on quirks or tics of a character. For example, the MC of my most recent WIP (a teenage shape shifter) tends to be sarcastic and she sometimes speaks in textese. On the one hand, it’s convenient for me, because I tend to be sarcastic…on the other hand, I don’t need to be soundin’ like a teenage girl, am I right? Hehe. *grins nervously*
My question to you is this: Several posts in the blogosphere highlight the idea of MC’s being based on the author, but what quirks, if any, have you picked up from your MC?
I’m so eager to hear your responses! *sits on edge of seat in anticipation*


About my Guest Blogger:


Laura Diamond is a psychiatrist, blogger, traveler, and writer of urban fantasy and YA paranormal adventure with aspirations of becoming a published author. She can be found daily on her blog, Diamond – Yup, Like the Stone


5 thoughts on “Quirks are Highly Contagious: A Guest Post by Laura Diamond

  1. Dude! Thanks for hanging out on my blog today. I find that I really assume a lot of my mcs qualities while I am writing – so much so that I’m blogging about it tomorrow!

  2. My MC was Dr. Henry “Indian” Jenkins. He was a part Choctaw Indian who smoked and drank too much, but was a good doctor who cared about his people. His favorite saying was, “don’t worry till Indie says worry.” (which was never)

    I used let things bother me, but Indie taught me a lot about serenity. I’m still a flawed human, though better for having met my friend Indie Jenkins.

    Dr. B

  3. This isn’t so much as a quirk, but I developed a deep appreciation for performing and songwriting because of one of my MCs.

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