WOO HOO!!! So excited about today.

Why you ask? Well, today is the first launch day of the new book review bloggers – The Bookanistas: Books are the New Black.

We are a group of writers – in various stages of the publishing process – who have decided to band together and review the special books of our peers. We – as fellow writers – have decided to only post positive reviews, therefore, only reviewing the book we LOVE. No negative reviews here!

The Bookanistas give nothing but love!

Starting today, we will post reviews every Thursday that cover various topics– upcoming ARCs, books we love, special diamonds in the rough, classics, and even cover reviews. This fashionable badge represents our group (club/gang/posse/secret society/peeps).

Here is a list of the Bookanistas:

The Bookanistas think books are the best accessory. If you would like one of us to review your book or ARC, feel free to contact me and we will add it to our list.

Okay – on to my review today…

I wanted to give you a taste of Hilary Wagner’s Debut MG Novel, NIGHTSHADE CITY.

Release Date: October 1, 2010

Basic Blurb: (from Amazon)

Deep beneath a modern metropolis lies the Catacombs, the kingdom of mutant rats of superior intellect. Following a bloody coup, the once peaceful democracy has become a dictatorship, ruled by decadent High Minister Kildeer and vicious Billycan, a demented former lab rat and now head of the Kill Army. Three young orphan rats–brothers Vincent and Victor and a clever female named Clover–rebel against the Ministry, joining forces with Juniper, Billycan’s archenemy. Juniper and his maverick bank of followers, helped by a tribe of earthworms, plot to overthrow their oppressors and liberate the citizens to create a new city: Nightshade City. This impossible-to-put-down animal fantasy, set in a brilliantly imagined subterranean world, explores timeless themes of freedom, forgiveness, the bonds of family, and the power of love.


Dude – such a cute cover. Perfect for this MG animal fantasy!

Fav Line:

Being different is a reward, not an affliction.

Why I liked it:

This book reminded me of the adventures I read as a kid – Watership Down, The Wind in the Willows – but more n the vein of Warriors. I just enjoyed the messages of family and hope, as well as Hilary Wagner’s wonderful writing style. Brava Hilary!!!

Where you can find it:

Come back next week for more great new release celebrations. And remember, books are definitely the new black!

For more Bookanista love today, check out this fab list:

19 thoughts on “Bookanistas: Books are the New Black – A Review of Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner

  1. Ooh, we are supposed to have an ARC of this one coming our way and absolutely can’t wait! Hilary is such and engaging and energetic force in the blogosphere we’re sure we’re going to love her book!

  2. What a wonderful idea, Christine! I love that your site will only post reviews about books you love. Who wants to hear about lousy books when there are so many good ones to celebrate? I am really looking forward to Nightshade City.

  3. Goose bumps, total goose bumps today! Two fantastic Bookanistas reviews in ONE morning???? What the heck?? 🙂

    Christine, I’m so happy you loved the book! I really did want it to echo back to the books we read as children and you comparing it to such amazing books like Watership Down and The Wind and the Willows makes my heart race!!!

    Congrats again on your latest sale!!! 🙂

    xoxo — Hilary

  4. Oh, I love Hilary so, so much. Seriously, she’s amazing. She did an interview on my blog and has been nothing but awesome and nice and spectacular from the first time I emailed her. I can’t WAIT to read her book.

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