Okay all, welcome to fabulous Friday. You know…it really is a pretty great day.

No, I don’t have amazing news to report about writing. But after what has been one of my more intense weeks, I have found many silver linings to celebrate. Things like:

  • Making authors smile through the Bookanista love yesterday – that was so FUN!!! I am thrilled that it will be an ongoing thing.
  • Hearing simply amazing news from many many MANY of my writerly buds – news I can not share yet (and yeah – it is killing me).
  • Finding out the amazing Shannon Messenger lives literally 10 minutes away. I see many lunches in our future.
  • Planning out book launch events for my upcoming release, including meeting with a B & N guy who gave me more info than I ever could have wanted about getting small press books into places like B & N.
  • Getting many many emails from friends reaching out support – I have no words for all of you. Your support during some difficult real life stuff has meant the WORLD to me.
  • Planning out August on the blog – IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!! I don’t want to go into too many deets, but let me say this – BOOK BIRTHDAYS, BOOK GIVEAWAYS ( on things like Paranormalcy, Guardian of the Gate, The Haunted and MORE)…WOOT
  • My online Crit Group starts back on Monday. With me. My words. Now, normally this does not make me nervous. This time – SERIOUSLY nervous, but in a really really good and exciting way. I LOVE the story my buds will be critting – and I’ve missed the group (we took a bit of a hiatus) – so yeah…pretty thrilled!!!

And finally:

  • Getting the stuff together for the winner of my CELEBRATIONS giveaway. Yes, today is the LAST DAY to enter that contest. So click here to enter, and you could get this:


The gift pack includes the following:

  • Hawaii-inspired pens, notebooks and post-its
  • Hawaiian snacks (macadamia nuts and chocolate – DUDE!!!)
  • Hawaiian bookmark
  • B&N gift card
  • 10-page crit.


I am drawing a name tomorrow morning and posting it. GOOD LUCK!!!

What are you guys happy about? Any siver linings to share?


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of great things going on in your life right now! I found your site through the new Bookanista group you’re in – such a great idea! Have a fun weekend! 🙂

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