It’s blog chain time again. This time, Bonny started us off with the following question:

Is there a place you like to write that’s extra special? Have you carved out a writing niche? Is there a certain time of day (or night) when the words fall into place, and your brain is focused on nothing but writing?

This is a great question. I have had so much fun seeing where the magic happens for everyone.

I shared my writing spots in a post a while back.

 Places, like this (my gazebo – where I write during the warmer months at home):

And this (a picture of my desk during revisions):

I love writing there.

One of my favorite places is the local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble stores. Many a page has been written in those places. In fact, the book coming out in October, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students,  was written at my local Starbucks, with music streaming in my ear and a skinny vanilla latte to keep me cool.

Lately, I have been dealing some real life stuff – stuff which requires me to be away from home and my family. So, for now, I am writing anywhere I can. On my bed (my poor back screams with that one), in a chair, at a coffee shop…


Which bring me to the point of this post. For me, there is not a special place that helps me create the magic we all hope to create on the page. No place where I focus better…nothing like that.

For me, it’s a frame of mind that determines my writerly focus and the words that find their way to the page…

I had a viola teacher once that told me that a true violist will pick up any instrument and make music – whereas a viola player can only play THEIR instrument.

For me, the same can be said about my writing. If I am going to be a writer…truly be a writer..then I must be willing to write wherever and whenever I can. Without allowing myself to get lost in the social networking piece. Or in the emotional despair and angst that can be a large part of this journey.

I must write. On paper, on my computer, in my head, in a special place or while waiting in line….

I just must write.

Life has thrown some interesting curve balls my way over the past six months. Nothing bad. Nothing even particularly hard. Just things that have challenged my view of my life – my commitment to his journey. And what have I learned through all of it?

Above everything else I am a writer – one that has a goal of being published in both of my genres. So, I will write and do what it takes to see that my goals are realized.

Whether I get to do it in my fav writerly spots. Or not.

Okay, enough of my rambles –

Your turn…where do you guys like to write? 

To see more about our writerly spaces check out Michelle H’s post before me or Margie’s post tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Where the magic happens…

  1. Now that I have a laptop, I’ll write almost anywhere; I love the flexibilty of not being tied to a desk. I’m never without notebook and pen (fountain pen by choice), and often write while I’m sitting in the car (parked of course!), while the family is playing sports, just about anywhere. Inspiration often strikes in the evening, though I usually get words on the page first thing in the morning, when the house is quiet – just me and my coffee.

  2. In the winter months, I regulate to the couch. Simply because, I love seeing a fire burn in the pellet stove and I can watch the leaves turn, and the snow fall.

    In the Spring/Summer months I love my dining room table. It’s a 6ft long farm table. The warm wood soothes the senses. I can spread out all my binders and work in ease. Not to mention the window facing the woods and the ability to light the candlebra without fear of setting my work on fire. I guess anywhere I can get a view outside would suit me just fine.

    It’s already inherent for me to have pen and paper in my messenger bag at all times (comes with the territory of being deaf and a need to communicate). There is also a pad that stays in the Pathfinder, for those long inspiring road trips. I came out with an idea for my next book, playing tag with Paul on ‘what ifs” this way. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I swear you have one of the coolest locations for writing – your outdoor spot. And thanks for the inspiring words about just writing, no matter where you are. Your words are too true!

  4. I can write anywhere, anytime, as long as I have the right music and the words inside are screaming to come out.

    If that isn’t happening, I like to go back to the familiar and go from there.

    Great pics!

  5. I love your gazebo! That seems like such a wonderful place to write. I also was touched by the honesty of this post. The fact that you can write despite things being turned upside down, just anywhere, anytime, speaks volumes about your character and dedication. Loved this post!

  6. I have gotten really bad about being flexibly about where (and when) I write. I think it’s just another excuse NOT to write. Thanks for the reminder that writing can (and should) happen anywhere!

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