You know you’re a writer when…

  • You keep a notebook with you, just to write down the crazy ideas that hit you…usually while driving
  • You begin to worry what the government would think of your recent google searches – “how to sword fight” or “best ways to poison people”
  • You hang out at the mall listening to the teen convos…seriously, it’s research!
  • You end every conversation with non-writerly friends with “Dude, that so needs to be in my next story.”
  • You stare at book covers in the book store and can’t help but fantasize about yours. 
  • Your pantry is stocked full of dark chocolate and twizzlers.
  • Time with your imaginary friends is as necessary as time with your family.

Okay – that’s my list…what’s yours?


17 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When…

  1. Bwahahahaha k, that is my list in a nutshell. In fact just last night I was googling stuff and thinking “man, if the govt is watching right now I am soooooo gonna have guys in black suits at my door tomorrow” lol

    1. i know, seriously! just the other night i looked at my computer’s history (because i was suffering from writer’s cramp, haha) and was thinking “i’ll bet there’s some very alarmed gov’t official ready to cart me off to an asylum for some of this!”

      but it is research!…mostly..

  2. OMG why do all great ideas have to come when we’re driving?! 🙂 I have a special notebook just for the car…
    Here’s mine; when you wake up and the first thing you think about is, ‘I have to write that dream before I forget it.’

  3. You’ve stopped in the middle of the store because an inspiration just hit and you had to write it down.
    People nod and smile at you even though you know they just think you’re crazy when you tell them you’re a writer.

  4. When you’re doing something that’s supposed to be fun (like seeing a movie that’s maybe not as good as you’d hoped) and wish you were writing instead.

  5. When you spend a lot of time talking to yourself in the shower or bathtub (or is that just me?).

  6. Days spent on the slip ‘n slide with the grandkids is just ‘research’.

    Most of your Facebook friends are writers, illustrators and literary people whom you’ve never met face-to-face.

    You keep a notebook beside the bed in case you have a dream that would make a good book plot.

  7. I’m going to invest in a dry erase board for the bathroom, because my mind always makes those important plot connections while I’m in the tub. 🙂

    And LOL @ the Google thing. I was thinking that the other day.

  8. When someone touches your special pens, pencils, and highlighters you get overly upset and can’t understand why they don’t get it.

    When you have ah ha moments because you just saw a clip from a show that would work wonders for your plot.

    When you realize it’s 2 pm and you haven’t gotten up from the computer to even eat lunch since 8 am.

  9. Yep that’s my list (especially the eavesdropping on teens’). I don’t have Twizzlers, but my fridge is well stocked with Diet Coke (or Dr Pepper).

    Oh, and the librarians at my local library think my husband’s having an affair, my teenage daughter (which I don’t have) is depressed, and one of my kids has leukemia. 😉

  10. When your family decides that you are more in need of being taken to the looney bin than your brother who claims he’s an alien

  11. –when you spend the time to look for reasons you are a write just for reassurance
    –when people watching becomes a hobby
    –when you record and analyze your dreams so you can have solid background and characteristics for your characters
    –when you wish you had been an orphan or found out you were actually part wizard instead of having a happy and completely normal childhood
    –when everything you do has a narrator
    –when you’re socially awkward because you’re so much closer to your characters
    –when you read crappy books just to say “i could do so much better”
    –when you’re afraid you’ll be one of said crappy books
    –when your family knows to buy you stationary and bookstore giftcards
    –if you spent/spend your life asking “what if..”
    –when you wish your teachers would understand that you didn’t write that terms paper because you were busy wooing words with your pen
    –when your friends can’t follow half of what you say
    –when your a drama king/queen
    –when people think you’re just a little TOO happy on words
    –when the only way to solve a hard life problem for you is to write about it
    –when before you knew books really don’t just magically pop up from the ground, you thought you were destined to own a bookstore or work in a library
    –if no matter how many pens and notebooks you have at home, you still can’t walk away from that notebook that screams “you!” or let anyone touch your favorite pen
    –when you really don’t mind living off ramen noodles and chef boyardee, so long as you can still write

    yup, i’m guilty as charged. 🙂

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