Happy Friday – This is a FAST post because, well….You’ll see why in a minute. Here we go, five random items for today:

  1. This week has been long – no seriously L – O – N – G!!!  Maybe because I started back at work this week. Where did summer go???
  2. MY daughter,the TEEN was supposed to have a party tonght….why supposed to? She got sick! Poor thing. Think we’re rescheduling that party.
  3. I have amazing crit partners! And even though there are times when I hate listening to them…they are almost always right their suggestions.
  4. Did I mention this was a LONG week…but it ended on a high note…A meeting with my crit group last night. Awesome people, every on of them.
  5. I’m GOING TO SCBWI! Yep, I wound up being able to go…literally at the last minute as my confirmation email came at 10 pm….which is why this is a short post…I have no time to make it more original. Why is going to SCBWI so good for me right now? I am meeting up with writerly friends, learning writerly things…all at a time when I need it most. I feel very blessed today! Thank you Audry, for making this happen!

My going is good for you guys too…Because I like to share EVERYTHING! So, be on the look out for posts about all the stuff I learn this weekend.

Oh! That reminds me…next month is EPIC as I celebrate the release of several fabulous books with authors Jessica Verday, Michelle Zink, Kiersten White and more.

Okay – that sums it up for me. How about you? What’s going on with you guys?


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday – Freaking Out Version!

  1. I hope your daughter is feeling better! And that you got a lot out of SCBWI. I’m looking forward to your posts on it.

    I gave you an award over at my blog. Don’t worry about passing it on if you’re not into awards. Just think of it as a shout out for your blog.

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