Okay, I know I said I was unplugging…and I am. Really. For the rest of the month, actually.

But, my publisher asked for a little help. Prufrock Press is searching for just the right title for my next book, an advice book for gifted kids between the ages of 8 and 13. This book features kid-friendly language and advice from kids to kids on topics including perfectionism, under and overachievement, parents, friends and more. It was originally titled THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR GIFTED KIDS. But, we’d like to avoid using the word “Guide” in the title. We also want to make it really stand out for kids.

My editor and I have brainstormed a list of potential titles. But, the publisher likes the idea of getting reader feedback before we finalize anything.

So, what do you think? Any great title ideas???


16 thoughts on “Titles Anyone… No Really, I Need Your Help!

  1. I’m terrible at titles, but I love the topic of your book. I actually like your original title – “the ultimate guide” makes giftedness sound like an adventure, like a hard core camping trip, with pitfalls and rewards. You could take it up a notch “The Ultimate Gifted Kid’s Survival Guide.”

  2. How about “The Gifted Kid’s Guide to Happiness and World Domination” – “Things to Know Before High School” – “Things Your Parents Wished They’d Learned Sooner” – “Young Brain Owner’s Manual”

  3. I think The Ultimate Guide for Gifted Kids would be a great tagline!

    Kids like alliteration, so I’m trying to think of something that plays off the G in gifted.

    Get Gifted
    [as in, read this book and you’ll get it, understand all you’re going through]

    Find [or Finding, or Getting] Your Gifted Groove

    Growing Up Gifted

    Good luck, Christine!

  4. How about “Adjusting the Bar: A Reality Check for Gifted Kids” or some such? Sometimes I think these kids feel alone because of their “giftedness.” I know I did. If someone had told me early on that it was OK to be “normal” in certain aspects of my academic & social life, it might have made me feel a little less pressured to perform at higher levels. Just my thoughts.

  5. “The Kid to Kid Gifted Handbook”
    “Being Gifted, Kid to Kid”
    “I’m Gifted, You’re Gifted, We’re Both Normal”
    “A Kid’s Perspective on Growing Up Gifted”

    I love the idea of this book and will definitely be getting it for my boys. 🙂

  6. well, we both know how badly I suck at titles LOL I like the Survival Guide idea of Lydia’s.

    How To Survive Being Gifted
    I’m Gifted, Get Over It (lol)
    Gifted Advice
    Gifted Secrets

    Growing Up Gifted really does work too LOL

  7. I like the suggestion of “The Ridiculously Awesome Smart Kids Book”
    I don’t personally like the word gifted. It’s meaning can have two different meanings.
    Gifted “really smart” Gifted “not so smart”
    What about adding something in your title that includes advice from kids to kids.
    Found ya on writeoncon.com! Should be lot’s of fun.
    ~Carol & Stacy
    P.S. Congrats on getting published!

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