I am SO excited for today. Not only because I have missed you guys so much (being off the blog is good, but not-so-good too, you know), but because I get to interview Kiersten White!

I first approached Kiersten about doing an interview online after briefly meeting her at a book signing for Lisa McMann. She responded to my emails quickly. I fund her to be gracious and wonderful to deal with. 

I got an opportunity to meet Kiersten at a dinner with other writerly friends. Let me tell you Kiersten is even more amazing in person. Nice, smart, funny – Kiersten is everything I’d want to be as a published author.

Her book, PARANORMALCY, comes out August 31, 2010. You can bet I’ll be at her launch! The book has received praise from everyone lucky enough to read it already (and yeah I have – and YEAH! It is amazing!).

I’ll be featuring PARANORMALCY in my Bookanista review this week (Thursday).

Let’s meet Kiersten!

CF: What inspired PARANORMALCY?

KW: I wanted to write something with more of a fantasy element than I’d been doing, and the idea of the International Paranormalcy Containment Agency popped into my head.  I wrote a chapter from Evie’s point-of-view just for fun (it was my first foray into first person, as well) and I couldn’t stop!  It was also great researching all of the different supernatural creatures and their origins.

CF: Are any characters like you?

KW: Not especially.  Evie has a good dose of my natural sarcasm, but other than that we aren’t very similar.  Although I will admit I pulled several traits from my husband for the love interest…  What can I say, my husband is perfect.

CF: Marketing is an important part of the process these days. What have you done to prepare for your launch?

KW: I’m lucky in that HarperTeen and my agent are very supportive and involved, and I’ve got a wonderful publicist.  I’ve set up a couple of signings and am (very belatedly) putting together some promotional stuff like bookmarks, but other than that I’m just doing what I’ve always done–keeping up my blog and being an idiot on Twitter.

Some people have commented on what a great marketing tool my blog is, but I think the reason why it works is because it ISN’T a marketing tool–it’s the same ridiculous blog I’ve been writing daily since long before I even got an agent.  Which is why I think it’s important to focus on the aspects of networking that you naturally enjoy, and don’t worry so much about the promotional nature of things.

CF: What can you tell us about future projects?

KW: There are two contracted sequels to Paranormalcy, the first of which I’ve already written; the second is cooking away in the back of my mind.  I’ve got another novel, about ghosts (and Florida! and obsession! and fire ants and kissing and murder!) that I hope to sell this fall.  Then there’s a new series demanding to be written one of these days when I find that mythical substance known as time.  I’m starting to think it doesn’t really exist, though…

CF: A little random quickfire –

  • Candy or cookies? Both!  Sugar and I are best friends.
  • Online or inperson? Depends on the person!  Just kidding.  Mostly.  I definitely spend more time online than I do really interacting with people, but that comes with the whole stay-at-home mom thing, I think.
  • Book or ebook? I don’t have an e-reader, so definitely book!
  • Extreme heat or extreme cold? Not a fan of either, but extreme heat makes me sick pretty fast, so I’d have to go with cold.

See, told you guys she was GREAT!

To help her celebrate the launch of PARANORMALCY, I’ve decided to hold a contest for a SIGNED copy of the book. Yep, I’m going to her book signing and having it signed just for the lucky winner!

How to enter?

  • Follow this blog
  • Leave a comment

If you tweet or otherwise spread the word, let me know and I’ll give you extra entries. The Contest closes Thursday (midnight PST) and I’ll announce the winner on Friday!

Thanks Kiersten for stopping by. You and your book are amazing!

***The Contest is closed. Our winner has been drawn – Congrats to LATISHA DEPOORTERE!!!! ***


41 thoughts on “Meet the Amazing Kiersten White!

  1. This sounds like an awesome book! I can’t wait to read it, whether I win or not, I will read it lol

    I have this blog in my google reader and I tweeted! (@melindahamby)

  2. Well, all I can say is if you ever get an opportunity to go to dinner with Christine, absolutely take it! She’s delightful.

    Thanks again for the interview and all of the enthusiasm!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I look forward to reading ad much YA books as possible and sharing them with my tween.

  4. Every time I read an interview with Kiersten or read a review about the book I want it even more!! Reallllly want it!

  5. This is one awesome interview thanks for the contest and interview i’m a sweet tooth as well cookies ❤ I am really looking forward to paranormalcy i hear nothing but amazing things about the book can't wait to meet evie , lend and the others . i subscibed or followed your blog 😀 it's cool

  6. Great giveaway I heard great things about this book thank you for the chance 🙂
    Im a follower blog and twitter
    tishajean @charter.net

  7. Thanks for the great interview! I’ve been wanting to read this book and even more so now that I know there will be sequels:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I follow through email

  8. Yay! I’m SO excited for Paranormalcy to be coming out. I adore Kiersten’s blog, and from what I’ve heard, Paranormalcy should be just as much fun. :o) Squeet!!

    (Oh, and I’m following via email subscription with blot.of.ink [ at ] gmail [.]com and I tweeted via @inksie :))

  9. I can’t wait for this book! It looks terrific! Thanks for posting the great interview and I subscribed to your blog via e-mail.

  10. You forgot to tell everyone where to go see her for her launch! Kiersten’s big day is indeed Tuesday, Aug 31. She’ll be launching her book (and her tour) from the Barnes & Noble at 2615 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA from 6 to 9 pm. Hope to see you there. Kiersten is awesome and the book is great! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait til everyone’s read it so I can finally discuss it! Hope you can come out and support Kiersten!

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