Okay, here is SOME of the news I promised (there will be more later in the week or so)

First, my launch for  Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students:

  • I am having a blog tour starting October 1 and lasting for the month. I have a few more spots open. So, if you are interested please contact me at christine(at)christinefonseca(dot)com where the (at) is replaced with @.
  • I will be doing a few book signings and some speaking engagements as well. Those are being finalized and I’ll get the schedule out as soon as possible. You can email me if you have any questions.
  • I have some great swag – bookmarks, etc – I’ll be giving away at the events. More info to follow soon

My second book:

  • My publisher, Prufrock Press, a leader in publications for gifted education, has settled on a title:
101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids: The Ultimate Handook

With that they wanted me to pass on the following:

Thanks to all of Christine’s readers for your excellent suggestions! We had so much fun reading your ideas and thinking of ways we could use them in the title.

Congratulations goes out to Lydia Kang and Michelle McLean for giving us the idea to incorporate “secrets” into the title of Christine’s new book.

Lacy Compton, Christine’s editor, will be getting contact information from Christine and be giving a free copy of the book to both Michelle and Lydia once it’s released in the Spring!!

WOW!!! I had no idea Prufrock was going to do that. They are such a great house to work with!

  • My editor and I have discussed the layout for the book – and all I can say is WOOT! This is going to be so fabulous. Trust me!!!

Finally, miscellaneous random things:

  • I am trying to push up the number of followers on my Facebook Fan page. So, I’ll be randomly drawing a name of a follower once I hit the big 500 and giving away a Barnes and Noble card. If you are not already there, hit the link in the left column and “like” the page. Be sure to spread the word – the sooner we hit 500, the sooner I get to pick a winner.

I guess that’s all the good news I can share today. I’ll be back with more in the next few weeks! (lots of things pending I can’t talk about just yet)

What about you guys? What good news do YOU have to share? Let’s make a party of it!



6 thoughts on “Tours, A New Title and other news

  1. I received word recently that my colleague and I will be presenting at the LDA 48th Annual International Conference (http://www.ldanatl.org/conference/index.asp) and I’m thrilled. We’re presenting on the topic of Giftedness with Attentional and/or Learning Differences. – That’s pretty good news I think. 🙂

    …Now to carve out more time to blog…

  2. Hi Mrs.Fonseca 🙂 I used to go to Temecula Middle School (I’m over at Great Oak now) and I just wanted to say how great I think it is that you published a book! And on such an inspiring topic. There really isn’t a lot of material like this out there, and parents of gifted children can feel overwhelmed. Even more so, it becomes alienation. The kid can’t relate to the parent and the parent doesn’t understand their child. I think this book has helped bridge a little of that gap 🙂 well done! i hope you’re still enjoying teaching at Tms! you’re a great gift to all the kids there! My brothers over there still, and I hope if he ever feels like he can’t talk to anyone about something, he’ll come see you 🙂 enjoy the start of school!

    -Heather Hermesman

    1. Heather – I am amazed you remember me. And even more amazed by your insightful comments. I am at different school this year, but know that I am also available to students that need me!

      I wish you all the best –

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