Happy Friday Everyone!

As most of you know, this was a busy week in our household. First day of school, everyone back to work, 101 atfer-school activities, too many projects to list – yep, we are all definitely back to the grind!

As friday marks the end of the work week (and my fav night of playing in my writers cave), I wanted to spread a little sunshine with some

Good News and other randomness….
  1. We have a winner for the PARANORMALCY Contest – LATISHA DEPOORTERE!!!! – I’ll be sending her a signed copy of PARANORMALCY once it is released.
  2. I am holding contests for SIGNED copies of GUARDIAN OF THE GATES (by MIchelle Zink, possibly the nicest person on the planet) and THE HAUNTED (By Jessica Verday). Stay tuned for more info on those
  3. I want to welcome my readers from my Intense Life blog over. I made a hard decision last week to close that blog and streamline my life – a lot (Just too many things going on). So, since I am still very passionate about all things related to gifted education, I will be posting something on Saturdays related to that topic. If you have ideas on WHAT you’d like to see – drop me a line!
  4. WRITEONCON!!! Need I say more…IT WAS THE HEIGHT OF FABULOUSITY!!! If you did not attend, or missed any thing – click here (day 1), here (day 2) and here (day 3) to catch up on every single workshop! Be especially sure to check this out. It’s funny and dude – DANCING!!!
  5. Speaking of WriteOnCon, be sure to THANK its founders – Elana Johnson, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Casey McCormick, Shannon Messenger, Jamie Harrington, and Jennifer Stayrock for the amazing behind the scenes job they did!!! WOO HOO
  6. A HUGE congrats to the very pregnant Lisa of the Lisa and Laura Roecker duo…..Babies are just so exciting! (And Lisa, look in the mail for a little something from me!)
  7. I have 3 spots left in my blog tour, if you are interested. Little work for you, I promise…and some cool “presents” for participating! Email me if you are interested.
  8. If you are interested in reviewing Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, email me as well. I can be reached at christine(at)christinefonseca(dot)com.
  9. I am the epitome of blogger-friendship fail! Really. I have been just HORRIBLE about reading and commenting on blogs. Well…no more! I am fixing my ways. Too much good stuff out there not to be a lot better about reading. So, yes, I will be visiting again! (thanks for you patience with me.)
  10. And finally – I am getting ready to jump back into my WiP, with a goal of polishing and revising late this fall. What are you guys working on?

I guess that’s about it for now. What random news – good or otherwise – do you have? Being somewhat gone over the past several weeks has made me feel so out of touch. Fill me in on your lives. Please!


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