Hi all! School is back in session at our house. We start our day early (and trust me, I mean EARLY), and get home late (after school, sports, etc). The night passes in a whirl of activity (homework, dinner, chores), and we retire early to start again the next day (well, at least most of the family does).

Organized chaos. That’s what I call the start of the school year.

There’s only one problem…

With such a busy schedule, when am I going to find time to write? And not just write, but blog and maintain my social presence?

Oh sure, I manage to squeeze in some time during my lunch. But I certainly don’t have the kind of time I do during summer.

The beginning of the school year is always a challenge in terms of balancing it all. I rearrange things to make sure the things MOST important to me get done.  That my goals are the priority. I cut out unnecessary time on line, I streamline the things I’m involved in.

But this year – somehow this year seems even more difficult to balance.

This is the first year I have REAL deadlines as a writer – deadlines imposed by someone other than me. And several projects juggling at once. It is exciting. And a bit intimidating.

So, after reading and rereading every blog I could find on balance, I’ve come up with a writing schedule. One that focuses on blogging, social networking and my nonfiction writing during the work week, and my fiction writing Friday through Sunday.

Will it work? I have no idea. But, for now it seems the only way to get everything done, focus on my craft and push closer to my writing goals for this year.

How do you balance everything? Inquirying minds NEED to know.


10 thoughts on “Finding Time to Write….

  1. Good luck, Christine!!!

    It’s difficult to find time, ain’t it? What’s most important for me is to allow myself time to rest. If I don’t, the words won’t come anyway.

  2. I work for PT our school district. The first day of school is today! The first two years I started work at 9:30, which gave me an 1 1/2 hr in the morning to write. Last year I had to go in at 8:30. It was an awful, long year. This year I’m back to my 9:30 schedule. Huzzah!

    I work on my writing in the morning, before work. Blogging and social media I save for after school when my sons are doing their homework, before evening activities begin. I like to work M-F, so the weekends are free.

    Good luck with your new schedule. Overall, I find the structure of the school year helpful with keeping me on track.

  3. balance … umm, well i don’t sleep, remember? 😉

    big kidlet is heading off to kindergarten come the beginning of september, so i’ll let you know what comes of my schedule then!

    good luck to you.

  4. Omigosh, Christine, my kids don’t go back to school until the day AFTER Mockingjay comes out! Can we move into your district?!

    Balance has always been tricky for me, but it’s easier when the house empties during the daytime.

  5. I don’t know. About balance, I mean. I homeschool my boys and I have to admit I’m kind of dreading it. I’m in the same boat as you–external deadlines rather than just internal ones, coupled with a need to maintain an online presence, etc. I’ve decided that I have three main priorities in life: My health (I must take time to exercise, every day), my family (schooling, and life in general) and my writing. Everything else, time with friends, extraneous housework, unnecessary activities, has to fill in the cracks that might appear around the the central three items that MUST happen every day. I find it really does help me to keep those three priorities foremost in my mind. If things aren’t helping me fulfill those obligations, it’s much easier for me to just pass.

    You know what I’d love for you to do? Let us know in a month or so how your program is working for you and how you’ve had to adjust it, if you had to. It’ll be interesting to see what your plan was and how it worked (or didn’t.)

    Good luck!

  6. Not having kids helps me a lot, I suspect. 😉 I don’t know how you all do it. I’m gone 8 hrs per day at work, but I can squeeze in some blog and social time there (here), so that helps take the pressure off for evenings.

    I do write my blog posts on the weekend, and schedule them to post automatically during the week. And normally I schedule some short posts and links through Tumblr that feed through my FB, Twitter and Myspace pages to keep a presence during the day.

    Even so, my writing time is late at night, when everything’s quiet and I can focus. 10:30pm to midnight or 1am, 5-6 days per week. It’s the only time I can guarantee that nothing else will try to take over the time. 😉

    Good luck working out your new schedule – I hope it works!

  7. o.O What is this balance you speak of? :p

    I write during naptime and after the chipmunks are tucked into bed and into an altered state of consciousness. O:) I should say, that’s when all my writing-related things happen: beta reading, editing, blogging, etc.

    Because things have been crazy, I haven’t been as active at blogging as I used to be. Somethings things slow down for a time so the important things can get done.

  8. My kids don’t start back to school until Sept 2nd, and then I’ll have more time to write (and read) since ALL my kids will be in school full time. It also means I don’t have an excuse anymore for not having a tidy house. Um, well, we’ll see how that one goes. Writing, social networking, reading, and volunteering will still eat up most of my time.

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