You know what I mean, that little bootay shake you do when something goes GREAT. Celebrating both the little successes as well as the larger ones.

I have to admit, I am not as good at celebrating as most people. Generally, my friends have to REMIND me to celebrate. Remind me to take a moment and enjoy the victories, no matter how small.

Like writing even when I don’t want to.

Or finishing a hugely monumental task I wasn’t certain I could do (yeah, more on that in another post).



I think sometimes we move from project to project, forgetting to congratulate ourselves when we’ve managed to stay on target, or achieved a goal. I know I do this…move from item to item on my to-do list, without ever taking a moment to say “Job well done.” Task oriented, that’s what I am.

Not a bad thing.

But, it’s important to balance that with a little bootay shakin from time to time.

So today I challenge you to celebrate. Anything.

Just be sure to do a little dancin in the process!


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