Last week I blogged about falling down the hill. I said that getting back up the hill was the key to moving forward. And I think it really is…

In the long run.

But what about in the short run? Is it ever okay to simply to just wallow for a few minutes (or days) in that spot? Use it as an excuse to take a breath, get a little perspective, renew?

I think there is real value to recharging. And sometimes staying at the bottom of the hill for just a moment gives you the renewed strength you need to pull yourself up.

This last weekend was that for me. It wasn’t that I “fell” as much as I was just a bit fried. I had finished up a couple of major projects in my writing land, and although I have several more that needed my attention, I needed to take a breath and regroup.

So, I went offline. For the entire weekend. My family and I went to Disneyland/California Adventure on Sat. I played. All day.

Sunday I hid and renewed – spending my time reading and enjoying my family.

Monday I slipped a little further down the hill. And although my first instinct was to get up and charge forward, I just didn’t the emotional energy to do it. So…

I played again. At the bottom of the hill. I chatted. Laughed. Breathed.

Today I feel ready to tackle anything. I am renewed. Happy. Hopeful.

Today I can charge back up the hill, tackle the long list of to-dos and make it through whatever the day holds. All because I took the time to recharge.

For me, taking a moment at the bottom of the hill was the right thing to do.

How about you? Have you ever needed to just take a moment to breathe before charging back up the hill?


11 thoughts on “What do you do?

  1. All the time. Especially when it comes to my deafness. Oh yeah, I know for the most part I have a great attitude and positive reinforcement when it comes to my disability. That’s not to say I don’t have days I get knocked down and find it difficult to get back up. Days where I envy those who can hear, or I find myself angry at not being able to hear a certain song.

    Those emotions run over into my writing as well. The longer I’m deaf the harder it becomes to remember nuances in the way someone speaks. I can’t listen to conversations for examples on dialog tags. Writing workshops – most are not geared toward a deaf individual. Online they often include vlogs which are seldom close captioned.

    Then there is the one element I never expected. I found myself writing without sound and background noise. Key elements to foreshadowing and building a scene in your writing.

    So what do I do? I acknowledge I’m human with my own fallacies. I’m not perfect and I will have those days where it’s incredibly overwhelming to write or be me. Honestly, allowing myself these moments, makes me stronger and more determined than ever to pick myself up and keep going. In the end the best advice I could give – be kind to yourself, there are enough people out there who take pleasure in beating up on your self esteem. Sorry this is so long. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. You’re funny Christine 🙂

    You just reach peaks because you’re emotionally intense LOL !
    You just can’t always flying high…Even the bird need some rest.



  3. It is always good to recognize and take advantage of the time step back. It’s much harder to do than it is to say (for some us anyway 😉 … but when you can, I think you reach a point of renewal you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

    As for wallowing, I think if something does happen it’s always good to let yourself wallow. Swim around in it for a bit. That makes it easier to let go and move on.

  4. That’s exactly where I’ve been all week. Like you, I wound up giving in and playing at the bottom of the hill (love the analogy). It didn’t renew me to tackle my main novel again, but I wound up taking a glance at my unfinished NaNoWriMo novel and found I had the urge to get in there and finish it. Maybe that will get the writing momentum going, and I’ll be able to dive back into my main novel soon.

  5. I do! And it’s hard, because I don’t always let myself. But I’m trying to learn that sometimes giving myself one or two days off will actually make me MORE productive when I get back to life. I might need you to remind me of this occasionally though…

  6. I wallowed this morning for about 40 minutes. After a good mental freak out, I suddenly felt much better! It did give me a whole new perspective. Luckily, I was home alone! 😉

    xoxo — Hilary

  7. Actually, I was talking the other day with a friend about the benefits of procrastination (in other words, I was trying to convince us both we weren’t lazy). She actually wrote a whole post on it. XD
    I’m not saying that procrastinating every time you hit a block of some sort is good, but when you keep on trying and trying and getting nowhere, stepping back and taking your mind off of it really does help renew you. And I don’t know about you or anyone else as a writer, but when I’m away from the pen/keyboard long enough I just get this itch I can’t resist. 🙂

  8. I’m feeling the need to go to the bottom of the hill right now. I’m really happy you’re back up and feeling so renewed! What a wonderful way, too, to get all that family time in. 🙂

  9. Great post. Christine! I think we all need time to recharge. I’ve gotten some of my best writing ideas during my recharging sessions!

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