Happy Friday everyone! This is one of those thoughtful mornings when I just feel the need to express my thanks. Maybe it’s because of Christina Katz’s great page on her website in which she lists all the people who have assisted her in some way on her journey (trust me – the list is humblingly LONG).

Or maybe my contemplation is related to the feelings I have surrounding the release of Emotional Intensity – feelings that range from stark terror to schoolgirl giddiness.

More likely, it’s just a reaction to my life over the past four months.

As most of you know through my posts, I have experienced my highest highs and my lowest lows recently, all within a few days…sometimes mere hours. This constant rollercoaster of emotion has given me a profound gift…the ability to stay centered in my feelings, neither becoming too attached to the highs, or the lows.

You know what…It’s a great place to be, in the middle. It really is. I find myself not getting caught up in the drama of everything, not swinging in my moods.

And I find myself appreciating the nuances of life all that much more.

And yeah, I find myself contemplating all of this at 4am!

Back to my need to express my thanks…

So, while I’ve been contemplating all of this, I thought of the beginnings of a list of people I really needed to thank for helping me over the last few months – doing everything from being a great friends, to reminding me to breathe, to inspiring me to greater things, to encouraging in ways that are amazing. This list is by no means exhaustive, just a beginning ….

  • My amazing family
  • Elana Johnson
  • Michelle Mclean
  • Prufrock Press
  • Lacy Compton
  • Krista Goering
  • Windy Aphayrath
  • Danyelle Leafty
  • Amanda Bonilla
  • Sarah Bromley
  • Gretchen McNeil
  • The BOOKANISTAS and their fabulousity
  • The WRITEONCON team…just cuz
  • Everyone participating in the Blog Tour (more on that in future posts) – your enthusiasm brings me to tears daily
  • Deborah Mersino and the #gtchat folks….WOW – just WOW
  • Christina Katz – thanks for the idea!

Okay, I really could go on and on. Amazing as you start the list how many names begin to pour out.

To all of them…and all of you, my readers…


You all really enhance my life, and I so appreciate it!

 Who are you thankful for? Let’s add more names and make today a “thankfulness-fest”. Cool???



10 thoughts on “On Being Thankful

  1. Great idea. I love knowing you, Elana, & a number of other cool bloggers. I’m grateful for all the advice and encouragement we all share.

  2. Thanks for this post, Christine!

    When I’m balanced, it’s like surfing. The wave I happen to be riding is intrinsically neither good nor bad, just available. I try to stay somewhere in the middle, because that’s where the power seems to be. And losing my balance is okay, too. It just means that one particular ride is over. There will be another.

    The thing about your blog is–I never saw myself as emotionally intense until I started reading it, and I don’t think other people see that in me, either. I don’t usually present that way. But in reading about your emotional intensity, I recognize it in myself, and it doesn’t frighten me; it’s worth noting as something I have in common with certain other people but not with everybody. Now when people call me steady, at least I know that there are other people who can share in the joke.

    Anyway, what I mean is just: Thanks! And steady on!

  3. I’ve been spending the past two weeks visiting family and am thankful for all the wonderful people who have been in my life for a long time, and others who were just born a few months ago.

  4. A few of those people on your list have helped me so much, so I know what a gift they are. We’re both lucky to have them in our lives! I’m thankful for Elana, Stacy and Jenn (my CP’s) and Paul Grecci, Daisy Whitney and … the list is so long that it would take a lot of serious thought to do it justice.

    It’s always a good idea to be thankful–there’s never enough thanks given!

  5. I’ll start with the fact that I’m thankful you blogged about Dr. Wicked! I used it this morning, and it really helped. I’m blogging about it tomorrow, and it’ll include a shout out to YOU! Thanks again.

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