Happy Labor Day to those of you celebrating it. As for me, no BBQ this year. Nope, this year is low-key. We spent yesterday whipping through some huge projects – things like cleaning the garage, detailing my car, tackling the mountains of laundry and cleaning the house.

Today, however, I’m writing. And, I’m going to my writerly cave to do it.

I don’t always retreat into the cave. Most of the time I write at home, or at the library, or any place I can. But once I week, I need to get away.

That’s where my cave comes in.

My writerly cave is actually my local Starbucks. There’s something magical about this Starbucks. I’ve written every major book and novel here. I’ve had some of my most poignant chats here. I’ve been inspired, fought through writer’s block, laughed and cried all at this particular Starbucks.

I’ve tried to build my cave at other locations, but nothing is quite the same as my favorite coffee-house.

Maybe it’s the smell of coffee, or the way they make my perfect skinny vanilla latte and have it waiting for me, or the fact that everyone knows me.

Or maybe it’s the baristas. I know for certain that more than one of them have shown up in my books in some way.

Whatever it is, nothing quite compares with my writer’s cave – me, my laptop and Pandora hanging out in the place I call home.

Where’s your writerly cave?


9 thoughts on “Me and My Cave

  1. I don’t have a writer cave yet. I want one lol but my current house doesn’t have the space for an actual office and it’s hard to get away with my little ones needing my attention when they are awake πŸ™‚ So, for the moment, my writer cave is wherever I can find a quiet corner…usually at the kitchen table or on the couch after everyone else is asleep πŸ™‚

  2. I have no writer cave, just an office basement. Not entirely compatible with creativity. I remember, way back in the dark ages of elementary school when I was going to be a writer BEFORE I got sucked into music, that I had a writer cave in my bedroom closet. I kept my writing supplies there and would snuggle in to write when the urge hit. Nothing like that today, sadly. I may need to create one now.

  3. I wish I had a place like this. Sadly, I don’t leave my house. I put on the headphones and disappear mentally. In fact, I have them on right now… My DH will be home soon and I’ll have to emerge, but for now — bliss. Good luck in the cave today!

  4. I’m boring, I just write at home in my little office area (I did get a new desk lamp recently which was very exciting!). If I tried Starbucks, I’d be broke πŸ™‚

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