Happy Friday everyone. I don’t know about you guys, but my 4 day week really seemed to last FOR.EV.ER!!! Ah, but it’s Friday now, and in a few short hours I am off and I get to retreat to my writing cave. The plan for tonight = work on my WiP.

Let’s hope it works…

Now, back to this post – party planning and food. As I mentioned earlier this week, I LOVE to cook and I LOVE entertaining. I usually host dinner parties and BBQs several times a year.


Over the past two years, this has NOT been the case. Life got out of control busy, I was gone all summer, and my love of entertaining took a back seat to the other things  had going on.

That is all about to change next month.

We are having a HUGE Potluck party.

Finally, my excuse to entertain!!!

The guests have all been invited, I’ve made the plan for getting the house and yard together (the other bad part about my being gone all summer – the weeds took over the garden), and the decorations have been figured out.

Up next – the food.

I’ll admit that I am a bit of a foodie – not to the extent of a master chef contestant or anything, but certainly enough to be thought of as the “chef” of the extended family. And,even though it’s a pot luck party, an there are a gazillion guests coming…I still feel the need to cook SOMETHING.

So, last night I dusted off the cook books that haven’t been really used in a couple of years, grabbed my post-its and a pen, turned on Project Runway and started to figure out what I was going to make.

I flipped through book after book,focusing on the thing that is seldom brought to a pot luck – main courses. Every recipe brought back fond memories of some dinner party or celebration.

Finally, after going through ten books, and marking at least 20 different recipes, it was time to edit. (Sounds like writing a story, doesn’t it). I looked over each page I marked, until I settled on a theme for the dishes. And eventually, I settled on two main dishes for the party.

Both are similar in construction and palette. And so darn YUMMY!!!

Wanna see them –

Yummy Chicken Enchilada Ring! Always a crowd fav.

And a Taco Ring…another crowd favorite! I can even make it vegetarian for my kidlet!!


Now, I know I’ll wind up making a couple of other things – pasta for my oldest and her friends (all of whom have decided they are vegetarians) as well as the desert my kids BEG for every time I bake….

(yep, these are literally cookie dough truffles….beyond decandent, trust me)

So there you have it, my contribution to the party.

The only thing left now…hard manual labor getting the yard ll cleaned up and decorated! Guess that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

How about you guys? Any foodies out there? Or party planners?


15 thoughts on “Party Planning and Food

  1. Christine, you have made me soooo hungry this rmorning! My son is a vegetarian, too. Everyone told us he would change his mind at some point, but he’s a sophomore in college now and more committed than ever.

    Have a great time!

    1. I was a vegetarian all through HS and college. Then one day, right after I got married, I was cooking a steak for my husband…It smelled so good….yeah, that was the end of being a vegetarian!

      1. lol Ah, the complexities of food and love. 🙂

        My husband and I were vegan when our son was young, then vegetarian for many years (I wrote a vegetarian cooking column, so I totally identify with your foodie streak!). Now we eat vegetarian food over 90% of the time, but are no longer vegetarians.

        My dad is a cattle rancher. That has made for some interesting family gatherings!

  2. That enchilada ring looks awesome and tasty! We’ve been on a big mexican kick lately (my hubby got one or Rick Bayless’ cookbooks two weeks ago) and we’ve been making our own tortillas. So much better homemade! And so easy too. We’re a couple of major foodies. Our grocery bill is insane 😛

    Have fun at your party 😀

  3. Nope, not a foody. But, I totally want to come to one of your parties!! Maybe next year when we come down for SCBWI LA? Hahaha. I love your pics–that food looks delish!

  4. I love to cook, too. Yesterday I got a ton of tomatoes from a friend’s garden so right now I have a big pot of sauce simmering on the stove and I’m dehydrating some. This afternoon I’ll make salsa and tortillas and have a yummy burrito dinner. Oh, now I’m hungry!

  5. Love the new look! (I’ve been gone a while). You’re pictures are making my mouth water. Yummmm . . . . I’m afraid I don’t have the gift of party planning. I love hearing others talk about it though. Then I can pretend. 🙂 Enjoy your party!

  6. Loving the cookie dough desert! YUM!
    I love to host parties at our house. We have a Halloween dinner party every year with a hodge podge dinner.
    My husband has the men from both sides of the family come over for New Year’s football and they eat TONS of meat! While they eat, the girls go shopping. Oh. And the men ‘get’ to watch the younger kids.

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