Yep – this is a post of randomness! I know, I really should have done something a lot less lame. But seriously folks, I have spent the last couple of nights writing guest posts, ordering swag, completing interviews (you guys ask HARD questions, BTW), and working on the second nonfiction book. And I am pretty fried.

So rather than post nothing, I thought I’d post some random musings:

  • Breathing is beyond important in this business. And I don’t know about you – but I am really bad about remembering to take a breath from time to time.
  • My life is really about waiting. Totally and completely. I’m sure there is something wise and wonderful I should be learning from that right now – but really, all I can think about is the fact that I am waiting…in every single aspect of my life. I think I need more Dark Chocolate – just sayin’.
  • Patience – this business can make you crazy if you don’t master the art of patience. So yeah, I have gotten in touch with my inner Yoda to learn this skill.
  • I am really obsessed with Amazon rankings – which is ridiculous since the book isn’t officially released yet! I mean seriously, I need to get a life.
  • 5 hours of sleep a night is really NOT ENOUGH. Like, at all
  • I have a stack – yes a STACK – of arcs waiting to be read…Looks like I better unplug this weekend, throw my feet up and READ.
  • I have been walking around lately with a stupid grin on my face for absolutely no reason – you know what, it makes everyone around me happy and excited too. Try it. Walk around with a crazy happy grin and see what happens.

Okay – I’ve bored you enough and really, I need SLEEP….

What randomness do you have to share?

And one more thing – unless you’ve been off planet this week you MUST know about the epicness that is WriteOnCon. Be sure to go over and enter the nine million contests – really, go…


11 thoughts on “On Breathing, Waiting, Patience and Other Elusive Things

  1. I totally need an inner Yoda!


    My family always worries when I walk around with a crazy happy grin on my face–which is sometimes the very best incentive to go around wearing one. O:)

  2. Yes! Patience!
    I queried my first novel WAY too soon and I’m trying SO desperately hard not to do that again. It’s on the back burner after a major rewrite that I love. Anyways, yes, and I know that when I do get picked up, the waiting will be even harder. Trying to do my best to enjoy right now. Me and my small bowl of dark chocolate almonds…

  3. Breathing, sleeping, and reading. Sounds like you got it all figured out! Hope you get out from under your mountain of stuff soon! *hugs* (And I feel slightly bad about that stack of ARC’s… I know where they all came from… *whistles innocently*)

  4. I could especially relate to your one on patience. The other day I attended a different cub scout den and I thought the leader told the boys that if they did this one thing, they could earn a Peace and Patience point. What she really said was Participate Point, but still. I’ve been thinking a lot about it since then. Peace and Patience. That’s what life’s about, isn’t it?

  5. Wow, you are busy. I was sleeping 5 hrs a night last year . . . but that was before I did the math and realized how little sleep I was getting. Now I try to get 6 hrs. Doesn’t always happen, tho. Gotta to hate books that you can’t put down. (Mockingjay anyone?) 😉

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