I promise I will NOT make this an all-about-me-and-my-book blog, but my publisher, Prufrock Press,  has released the first chapter of EMOTIONAL INTENSITY IN GIFTED STUDENTS and I was dying to share it with you!

To check it out, click here.

Hope you enjoy it!


19 thoughts on “So Excited to Share…

  1. Hallelujah! I’m sitting in the library right now (while waiting for scouts to end), and I’m going to go request they order this book. I may beg. And then I may get copies for the school. The very last paragraph of the excerpt is what we’re dealing with here. Please, dearest school, do not forget that my son is gifted when you’re providing accommodations for his struggles!
    Christine, thank you so much for this book.

  2. Your book looks great–and it makes me thankful for the wonderful programs that we have for gifted students in our schools here. My daughters definitely have many of the characteristics you describe. Yikes, I’m dreading the day that hormones kick in and add some MORE emotion into the mix!!


  3. Thanks you guys! I won’t tell you the level of TERROR I felt when putting the chapter out there for everyone! Your kind words makes everything much much better.

  4. Wow, Christine, I really enjoyed that first chapter and can’t wait for the book. I just know you’ve met my ten year-old, that first passage described her word for word! I just sent the link to my husband and he asked me if I knew you and if you had met our DD! I will donate copies of the book to my children’s schools as soon as I can get them!
    Many congratulations.

  5. Thanks again. Your support for this are overwhelming! THis project is very near and dear to my heart and I am thrilled it is being received so well. THANKS!!!

  6. Really enjoyed reading the first chapter. Totally saw my DS in one of the example children. We’ve tried traditional therapy, and I had a sense that it wasn’t really what we needed! Can’t wait to share this with my child’s teachers!

  7. I have just read your chapter. Your book is on my must read list. You are right in all you say. I call it the roller coaster ride of raising gifted children!
    Thank you too for raising the issue of GLD – it is an issue close to my heart and one that often goes unrecognised. I look forward to reading the rest of your work.

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