Welcome to another edition of the blog chain. And this time, it ends with my take on the subject. Margie started us off with this question:

How did you come to write your YA genre (e.g. contemp, fantasy, etc.)? AND (yep, it’s a 2 parter), if you weren’t writing that, what genre would you be interested in exploring?

Let me start by saying that I really have no idea why I started writing YA of all things. I just know that my first character to take over my thoughts and demand that I write her story down was a young adult. Of course, I tried to make her a college freshman – something entirely too hard to place in the current market. Oh well, mistakes of a newbie.

After writing her story, I was hooked on the pacing of YA in general. I like both contemporary “issue” books (probably because of my work in schools) as well as paranormal/gothic/dark fantasy stuff. Bottom line – I love writing YA.

But I don’t always write YA. I also write nonfiction parenting books AND advice books for kids. These are very different to write. Enjoyable – but different. In truth, they appeal to the more educational side to me, where the fiction appeals to my creative side.

I’m not sure that I would explore genres NOT related to kids – though I have been asked to do this before. I just feel so in tune with kidlit – whether I’m writing a YA novel, or advice for tweens, or helping parents…it is all kid centered.

I suppose if I tried something different, it would be a mystery. And yes, it would be a YA mystery. HA!

For more on this topic, check out Kat who posted yesterday.

Your turn…why do YOU write what you write???


19 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Why I Write What I Write

  1. I love fantasy. I had an idea and decided to just start writing. Then I got hooked. My book is upper middle grade, but I wouldn’t mind trying a YA book sometime.

  2. I write romance because I love love. I have a dirty mind, a passion for fashion, and I think of the wittiest comebacks, hours after I need them. I put all those lines, all those desires, all those obscure Kama Sutra positions, into my books. If I weren’t writing romance, I’d probably write straight up suspense! Family fights, creepy coworkers, stabby sous-chefs. Regular people losing their minds, and trying to put the pieces together. With witty comebacks, of course.

  3. I write fantasy (or magical realism at the very least) because I spend my day doing so much analytical thinking that I need something to get my mind out of the numbers and chemical equations and into something that makes no sense 🙂 But I only write kidlit about half the time. All of my earlier books are for adults, but it seems I’ve been trending into the YA areas most lately. Maybe it’s my body telling me it’s time to have some kids of my own!

  4. Great question.

    I write what I write because that’s what I would have wanted to read about when I was sixteen. There must be some kind of fantastical element and a romantic quotient, but basically all my stories are coming of age stories.

    The grown up part of me that studied history tends to draw upon real myths, legends, and other tales for fodder. It’s a fun balance.

    1. I was thinking about this very question yesterday and here’s what came to me:

      I write picture books because young children truly believe anything is possible. I want to help them hold on to that notion for as long as they can – perhaps even forever.

  5. It’s funny, but I think few of us actually set out to write YA. I know I didn’t. It was just the voice in my head, like you. I think I gravitate towards fantasy because of the unending possibilities. You can make anything happen, and in a way, that’s also what it feels like in adolescence, like you can be or do anything. So, the two seem to go hand in hand perhaps.

  6. Hm, good question. I write middle grade (and sometimes YA) fantasy because no matter what I do, my characters always sounds like kids or teenagers! For a while I tried writing for adults and it just didn’t feel right. I guess my inner twelve-year-old is just that strong. 🙂

  7. At first, I thought I was going to be a MG writer, but I started to question if my story really was MG. I tried reading YA to see if that was what I was writing and was hooked. I haven’t read anything else since. 🙂

  8. I write contemporary YA–edgy school stories and wilderness adventure/survival stories. I’m really drawn to the wilderness so writing about it seems like a natural extension. And I’ve worked with kids for 20 years so there’s a lot of material to twist up and work with.

    I read YA for many years before I was inspired to try my hand at writing it. It just seemed to fit.

  9. I think your job most definitely influences what you write. I can see where being around kids a lot would most certainly push you to the YA genre. Great post!

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