This is a very random post…just my musings this morning as I watch the sunrise over the hills behind the house:

  • Evening cross-country meets may sound cool, but picking your kid up at 12:30am(which is when she got home) is LATE.
  • It takes a lot…NO A LOT…of work to launch a book. Any book!
  • Seeing my name on a Canadian booksellers website = super cool!!! (check it out here)
  • Sometimes I really like doing housework. I know, it’s an illness
  • There really should be a board game for writers approaching publication – something like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, only with a writer’s cave, the ledge of doom, book covers, copy edits, and marketing snafus. (maybe this will be next project ;D)
  • Have you  ever noticed that you get the best new ideas once you’ve decided you don’t want any ideas???!!!
  • Very little makes me happier than reading an amazing book, sipping coffee and watching the sunrise!

Have a great Sunday everyone. What randomness do YOU have to share???


5 thoughts on “Sunday Musings…

  1. I am with you on the reading and sipping coffee, and also completely agree with the ideas coming in as soon as you decide you don’t want any new ones.
    I now have eight open WIP’s on my desktop, and I think the only way to stop would be to walk around with my eyes shut, so I wouldn’t see so many inspiring things.
    … but then I would spill my coffee.
    Wonderful to see your name on the list! Congratulations Christine.

  2. Love your randomness. And yes, 13:30 am is way late (or is that early?) to pick your kid up from a sporting event. It just is. Especially for all us old parents who need our sleep (or writing time–whichever).

    Good luck on launching your book. It really is a lot of work, but it’ll be so worth it.

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