Happy Monday All! I hope everyone had a fab weekend.

I did.

I cleaned.


Did laundry.

Napped some more.

Hung out with the family.

Made Epic Cupcakes.


What I did not do – get todays blog post done.

And, as I woke up this morning  I realized something…

I got nothing! Which is why this is a seriously lame post this morning.

So, I decided that rather than revel in my lameness I would ask YOU something, hoping you’d leave the answer in a comment and save me from my lameness. Okay?


Here’s the question – tell me something about you I don’t know? Anything at all.

I’ll start –

Most people don’t know how much I LOVE to dance.  No really…like L-O-V-E.  Too bad I have not been out dancing in a very very very long time.

What about you? Come on, let me know something about you…save me from the lameness of this post


31 thoughts on “Wherein I confess my BlogFail this morning…

  1. Great question, Christine !
    You’ve already told or write that you like dancing 🙂 ’cause I knew it.

    I listen to metal since 1986. I play guitar but never took a lesson…and I can’t name the notes I play ! LOL
    I hate my

  2. I am not at all social. People really think I am because I can do a really good job when I have to be social, I just would rather be home than anywhere else. Small talk makes my teeth hurt!

  3. At least you did those things. I still have to clean the house before my hubband comes home from Europe tonight. And I’m meeting my writer friends for lunch across town. So much for my run this morning. Maybe I’ll run around the house with the vaccum. 😀

  4. haha! Dance away, girl!

    yikes about me…hmmm…did you know I used to be a spec. ed. teacher (of behaviorally and emotionally challenged children) and I HATED it? Best part of my day? Reading books to the kids!

  5. Laundry is the bane of my existence. It’s like the curse that won’t end. No matter how much I do, it multiplies and is never done!

    But this might not be a secret about me either. 🙂

  6. I love to dance as well! Something about me you don’t know? Besides the fact that I like to dance? I want to be on stage performing. Maybe you knew that part, but did you know that writing is my back-up plan? I can’t perform while I have kids. I would never do that to them. Plus moving kind of kills it too, but I would LOVE to perform in an opera house somewhere, or even community theatre!

    1. Jana & Nisa–me too! I am a total INFJ–AND I love performing–Can’t sing or dance really, but just acting. I live vicariously through my 19 year olds who are involved in community theatre. Writing was also my back up plan, but I got married young instead….so I guess THAT was my temporary back up plan…I call do-over! 😉

  7. Let’s see, something I haven’t mentioned on my own blog. How about this? In my life, I’ve learned to play many instruments, including the piano (I think I mentioned this), the banjo (yeah, it was way un-cool as a teenager to do this), and the violin. I even tried out for the Army band on piano right before I graduated from HS. Oh, and I feel your pain on blogging this morning. I don’t know what the heck I’ll put up today.

  8. Wanna know what’s funny? I actually LOVE this post! And I’m extremely jealous of your naps. *sigh* I did not nap this weekend. Oh. Wait! I did too! Saturday afternoon after we got back from my son’s karate demo–David and I took a nap on the couch. How could I forget such a heavenly moment? 🙂

    Okay, something you don’t know about me? Sheesh, that’s hard, since I wear my heart on my sleeve, er, blog, for everyone to see! But, um. I love the smell of good clean out-of-doors. Like when I go into the woods, I like to close my eyes and just … smell. 🙂 There. Weird enough for ya?

    1. HA! I LOVE the smell of the outdoors…especially when there is just a hint of cold in the air, you can smell the pines, and maybe even just a touch of the scent of a wood-fire from someone’s fireplace…not that is devine!

  9. I love to water ski. Not just a little bit, but I love to ski until my legs burn and the muscles are quivery. I’m not a super star skier, I just really like to do it.

    Snow skiing? Not for me. At all. And this post was fun, not lame at all!

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