Yep, the time has come when I must fully release EMOTIONAL INTENSITY into the world. No short task, at least not for this rather intense writer.

So, as I prepare to let her go into the world (EEPP), I thought I’d share my four tasks for letting go (yeah, it’s loosely – very loosely – based on the tasks of grieving, but what do you expect, I am a school psych by day!)

Okay, here we go – 

1) Accepting the loss:

Yep! I have to admit how hard it is to let my baby go. It’s both exciting and sad, saying goodbye. It feels so permanent, maybe because it is. The proofs are done, corrected. The books are printed and being shipped.


And yet, I am more than ready.

Regardless, in a few days my book will be out there for the world to see. No more time to dream about it. No more guessing what people’s reactions will be.

Have I mentioned that I panic easily????

No, I can’t hide away for a month or so and let this whole thing blow over…I have to face it and let my baby go into the world.

2) Working through my feelings:

Yeah, I am still working on this one…a lot. Just ask my poor CPs that get my panic-filled….okay TERROR-FILLED…chats and have to talk me off the ledge. No easy job, when you consider how attached I get to my crazies.

I thought about making a map to get me through it all…but that seemed more like a distraction than a solution.

So I wallow, walking through the joy and excitement, the terror and fear, trying to remember each and every moment. Trying to capture it, if only for use in another book (see, I’m always thinking!)

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the other steps I have to take – the ones after I’ve figured out how to breathe…




Oh geez….I really DO need to start channeling my inner Yoda again!

Anyone else feel like this??? Or am I the only true freak?


17 thoughts on “Releasing Your Book into the World…Not for the faint at heart.

  1. LOL !!!!

    Don’t be so stressed, Christine !
    I already loved the first chapter of your book.
    I’m sure I’m not alone !

    Peace, my friend !

  2. OMG– I can’t imagine (living vicariously through you)! Just remember, this is your dream coming to fruition and you wouldn’t want it any other way, right? It’s gonna ROCK! I can’t wait to buy it as a gift for a couple of my friends struggling with gifted kids! YAY!

  3. I just got my first rejection from an editor. It’s making me a little panicky, but I always over stress. It’s good to know it’s not going to get any better even after the book is completely finished. 😉

    I know you’ll find a way to make peace with releasing your baby into the wild.

    1. ha! Yeah, I keep thinking the next step will be easier…nope. But I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. Hugs re the rej. Those are nover any fun!

    1. oohhh….I can’t wait until it happens for you Stina! And I have seen the book on the Indigio website, if that helps.

  4. I can’t imagine. I go through small panic attacks when I have my books out to a beta reader. I cannot imagine what it must be like to send them out into the world.

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