Well, it’s no secret that my life has been all about the book launch of late. That means, I have not been writing much. And you know what, I miss it…A LOT.

So I sat down to work on my current WiP this past weekend. Guess what?!?!

MY MUSE WAS GONE! On Vacay, I think….

I search for him (yes, it is a him) and followed his trail to Utah. I guess he wanted to hang with Windy and Danyelle, maybe have a little party with Elana and compliment her on her new pics (what, you haven’t seen them?? DUDE! They are GORGEOUS. Check it out)

The trail then headed east, where he no-doubt hid in Julie’s new writerly cave.

But now, now I really think he’s playing in the cemetery by Michelle’s house in Pennsylvania.

So guys, my dear dear writerly buds….

Could you please send my muse back. Soon. I really really need to get this book finished!

Have any of you guys seen my muse? He’s easily bribed with dark chocolate – at least, he used to be!


11 thoughts on “Where in the world is my muse???

  1. I know what you mean. My muse is around, but I’m too distracted with reading (darn The DUFF) and a few other things. I just have to finish reviewing the outline then I can start.

    My friend’s muse has gone missing and she’s desparately searching for it. The RCMP have sent out an province wide alert, hoping to track it down. 😉

    I told Elana she just needed to get out of the studio and have the pic done outside. Ha, I was right. They are great!

    (now back to reading The DUFF. So much for the outline)

  2. Last time I saw him he was partying down with those old ghosties next door. They are amazingly good dancers for 200 yr old spirits…I was quite impressed. I’ll tell him you’re looking for him 😉

  3. I think he’s still out east. But maybe he just wants to make sure you’ve got your launch hat on and then he’ll be back. When he swings back through, I’ll try to provide a chocolate crumb trail for him to follow home 🙂

  4. Oh, here he is!! He was under my table eating the sausage I dropped last night. *Pulls Christine’s muse out from under the table* *gives him a little shake* *Prods him towards Christine* I think he’ll behave for you now, sweets.

    Thanks for directing me to Elana’s pictures! So good!! So happy for her, too.

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