So, I’m hanging out last night, watching GLEE when I get an email from a good friend. She asks a simple question:

How are you? Calm or losing your mind?

I stared at that question for a while, trying to figure out exactly how to answer it.

See, the short answer is YES.

But the longer answer – the real answer – is harder to put into words. I’ve been waiting for my launch day for a long time. Fantasized about it. Knew it would never happen, knew it would. Everything possible to feel I have felt with this story.

Until now, 2 days out, I am both calm and panicked. Thank goodness I have chocolate and good books to escape into. (seriously, checkout my next few Bookanista reviews for some amazing reads)

I do have something to share with you today….

A picture of most of the swag I am putting into a FAB giveaway in a few weeks:

The swag includes:

  • sticky notes
  • note pads
  • bookmarks
  • GT magazines
  • and my fab t-shirt!


What do you think? I’ll have more deets about this fab giveaway in the days to come, as my blog tour gets underway. I hope you guys come and hang out on the tour – the guest posts and interviews were a blast to do. And let me tell you, you guys ask HARD questions!!!

Okay – so maybe I’m not really calm OR panicked. Maybe I’m just excited!!

How do you feel when you see a dream realized??? Scared, Panicked, Calm?? Lay it on me.


26 thoughts on “Wherein I try to answer this question…

  1. I always feel a mixture of fear and excitement when somthing I’ve dreamed about is about to come true.

    Maybe it’s because I’m worried that my dream isn’t all that it was cracked up to be…

  2. My dream come true was to be a mom and I was just completely excited and not scared at all. A dream like this? I think I would be way nervous and excited at the same time. I’m so happy for you. So so happy!!!!!

    1. I’d love to come out to Portland! Not sure when – though I have been asked for a few stops from northern cal through WA…may have to figure something out for Spring or so?!?

  3. Oh, and I wanted to add, that your body has essentially the same physiological response whether you are excited or nervous. So just tell yourself you are *really* excited!

  4. I think a mini-manic-episode best descibes how I felt when I found representation for my fiction. Couldn’t sleep, heightened state of awareness, less of an appetite…

    1. Oh yeah…that pretty much sums up my feeling too. And when I DO find representation for my fiction – I figure I’ll feel that way all over again 😀

  5. Okay, first, neither of those questions can be answered with a YES. Just sayin’. Ha ha!

    And I’m mostly a huge ball of nerves. All the time. I don’t sleep well. I eat too much chocolate. I waste large amounts of time online. I take on too much.

    Stress basket.

    I need to detox.

    But you’ll be fine. The launch will go well. You’re uber-prepared.

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