Hey everyone! It’s my book birthday. Today, EMOTIONAL INTENSITY IN GIFTED STUDENTS  (Prufrock Press) is unleashed into the world. WOW!!! We need cake or something.

And that’s not all…It is also my buddy Hilary Wagner’s book birthday. NIGHTSHADE CITY is out in the world for all to see. Such an amazing read!

See, we need lots of lots of cake!!!

So, what am I doing to celebrate this amazing day?


Yea, that’s it.

Okay, maybe not “it” – but it’s a start.

Actually, my EPIC Blog tour starts today with my CPs and the best writerly friends anyone could have – Michelle McLean and Elana Johnson. They are both hosting interviews. Be sure to check them out and enter some contests for signed copies of my book and some swag I’ll throw in!

I’m also the guest speaker on Twitter’s #gtchat at 12 EDT. We are gonna talk about emotional intensity and how to handle it…

Which brings me to the real life portion of this post. 

Why is it that children always – and I mean ALWAYS – pick big events in which to have COMPLETE melt downs? I mean, really, like I didn’t have enough on my mind last night???

Oh well, guess I had to practice the strategies in the book just to make sure everything went well today…I guess!?!?!

So, that’s it.

I’m breathing

Finding cake

And hanging out with Michelle, Elana and Twitter.

Seems like a pretty freakin’ amazing day to me!

Please, celebrate with me. And spread the word – this tour will seriously be EPIC!!!

How do YOU like to celebrate awesome things like Book Birthdays???


31 thoughts on “Book Birthdays, Blog Tours, and real life…

  1. I will drink a good Chimay (beer) to celebrate it !
    And now, I’m waiting for Amazon to send me your book 🙂

    Have a really nice day Christine !

  2. Happy birthday to your book (and Hilary’s!), happy birthday to your book (and Hilary’s!), happy birthday dear your booooookkkkkkk (and Hilary’s!) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BOOOOOOK!!!!! (and Hilary’s!) 😀

    So excited for you and proud of you and grinning ear to ear for you wooooohooooo!!!!!!

  3. LOL. I saw Michelle’s review on the Chapter’s website this morning. I can’t order the book yet because they froze it. This always happens when a book is released. You have to wait a few days to order it if you didn’t pre-order it first. No idea why they do that.

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