Okay, first let me apologize for this bit of randomness this morning. The truth is, I am wiped out. I cleaned like a crazy fool yesterday. And cooked (which hasn’t happened of late)…

So yeah…this is a random post about October. See, in our house October is the official start of the Holiday season. 

We have a gazillion October birthdays to celebrate (including mine in a few days).  So we float from party to party most years. I am hosting one this weekend – to celebrate two birthdays and the book launch. It promises to be EPIC. Remember those cookie-dough truffles I talked about. Well, I am making those this week. When? No idea – but definitely before 10/9.

Did I mention I am swamped?

After birthday party central, we move to Halloween. The girls have asked me to make their costumes again this year – so I will be starting that…soon. After my first two book signings next week.

After Halloween, we celebrate our anniversary (22 years this year) in mid-November.

Then Thanksgiving.

And Christmas.

And New Years.

WHEW! See why October is the official start of the holiday season at our house.

When do you start your holiday season?

OH! And my blog tour stops at Danyelle Leafty’s blog today with a chance to win a SIGNED copy of EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. I can also be found talking about writing strong characters over with the If You Give A Girl a Pen ladies. Be sure to check that out too.

Have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Happy October!

    1. Happy birthday! Mine is in a bit less than two weeks, then my daughter’s near the end of the month. In our house, October is a month of treats, with our Canadian Thanksgiving (and yummy desserts), then 2 cakes and Halloween candy.

  1. Happy birthday!

    I always consider October when the holidays really start getting started, when the stores are piling up on Christmas goods, the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and my Mom’s birthday comes around (it’s in a few days, too.)

  2. Happy Birthday!
    We have two October birthdays, but really get slammed in December. Since nothing else happens in December. Yeah, right.
    Now I’m heading over to read your guest-blogger post.

  3. November is birthday month in our house. My husband and both kids have birthdays within two weeks of each other. Ugh. I’m tensing up just thinking about it!

    Happy birthday, happy anniversary (my 20th is in January!) and good luck keeping your head above water!

  4. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! Wow, talk about a full month. October seems like a holiday in itself with autumn (my absolute favorite season). I’m also one of those people who put the Christmas tree up Thanksgiving weekend, so yeah big on the holiday seasons.

    As far as busy, not so much since my daughter got married. When she was little however it bordered on hectic. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. My husband’s birthday is on Thursday. Hope you have a great one, Christine. 😀

    My kids are already counting down the days till Halloween. You’d think it was Christmas the way they’re acting.

    Have fun on the book signings. Hope you have lots of visitors (and sells). 😀

  6. My birthday is in a few days too (Friday after next)! I’m gettin’ me an iPad! Ya-huh, ya-huh, ya-huh! 😀

    Hope you have a great party and a fantastic holiday season!!!!

  7. Our holidays don’t really start until Thanksgiving. We HATE Halloween, and just try to endure October for that reason. We have a ton of birthdays in December, so that seems like the real holiday season.

  8. I LOVE Halloween, but it’s tough for my kids – my older son can’t digest dairy protein, and my younger one breaks out in hives if he eats anything made with cane sugar. They still like to dress up, though, and I’m one of those moms who believes a home-made costume is the only kind, so I can empathize with your hectic schedule!

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