Okay, so I had this fab post all written for today and yea…this isn’t it. Instead  bring you the best advice EV.ER…

As most of you know, I spin. A LOT. Meaning, I get stressed about really stupid stuff and have a hard time letting it go. (See the real reason I wrote EMOTIONAL INTENSITY!)

Enter my writerly BFF…

She always knows how to put be back together when I’ve managed to break myself. This was her saying to me (taken from a future cookie, no less) –

Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment

Is that perfect or what? It’s my new mantra I think.

How do you put yourself back together again when stress (or life) gets the better or you?


32 thoughts on “Best Advice EV.ER

  1. I love that! Fear does need attitude adjusting! Putting oneself back together again is rough. You have to be able to take a really good look at yourself without being critical, just realistic. I tend to look hard and then go overboard on criticizing myself for being so stupid and stressing over little things. Well, I’m getting better at that. Now I try very hard to look hard, take what I see and try and fix the problem, rather than degrading myself and getting more upset.

    That said, good friends have helped in the past. #1 would be my awesome husband who seems to know just what I need to hear and my relationship with my Savior helps a lot too!

    I’m also learning that when you’re stressed, you don’t run faster and pretend you’re not. You SLOW DOWN! Funny that should be so hard for all of us! It’s like we can’t really breathe unless we’re running, but when we’re running we can’t catch our breath, if that makes sense.

      1. Love that mantra! I put my life back together one step at a time. I easily overwhelm myself but things become normal again one small task at a time. Also, I take lots of vitamin B–I swear it helps!

        So excited about Emotional Intensity. I’ve been sharing the book with many members of my family and friends who I know will benefit from it.

        Have a great day, Christine!

  2. On my 6th skydive jump, I entered in a beautiful fast spinning. I couldn’t get out of it !
    Stressed I was. Feared I was not. I just checked my altimeter and decided to open at 2000m, letting me enough height to sort the next problem 😉
    Sorry, it’s my unique expérience of spinning 😉

    Sometimes, when stress or life are unbearable, I just do something generally stupid just to change the parameters of the situation. I need to act, to move further or elsewhere in the situation. Often, it’s changing something in my life or in the situation that I thought I could not change…
    I try to extract from the stresser…or change into a stress I can handle.

    I’m not sure I’m clear ! LOL !!!

    A problem that has no solution is not a problem anymore…



  3. I am my, own worst critic in everything in life. Which means I have to often step back and really listen to what others are saying. I tend to whisper, “Be nice to you, there’s only one of you,” to myself when I get like that.

    Road trips tend to be a major balm. I take off into the mountains for a few hours to let myself breathe.

    Love the above saying too! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. When you said you spin a lot, I thought you meant like spinning class 🙂
    The ocean always calms me down. Fortunately I live close enough to it that I can go when I need its soothing power.

  5. XD I want this on a t-shirt right about now!
    But it is so true! All emotions walk a thin line, but sometimes it’s way too freaking hard to push them over.

  6. I needed that. I also liked Indigo’s line:
    I tend to whisper, “Be nice to you, there’s only one of you,” to myself when I get like that.
    I need to remember that one even more.

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