Happy weekend everyone! I wanted to announce a few winners from the various giveaways going on for Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students. These guys will be receiving a signed copy of the book from me:

  • ERICA CHAPMAN – from Elana Johnson’s blog
  • ANJALI ENJETI-SYDOW – from Michelle Davidson Argyle’s blog
  • AUDRY BORDEN (aka Beyond Pink Blog) – from Danyelle Leafy’s blog
  • SARAH FRANCES HARDY – from Michelle McLean’s blog. (Michele also gave away her ARC of my book to another commenter – KIM. So nice of you Michelle!)
  • MISHA GERICKE – from my blog. She chose a signed book as her prize (and some cool book swag)

It’s not to late to win a book – and the entries on some of them are relatively low so your odds are pretty good! Stop by the following blogs and leve a comment to be entered into the drawings.

  • Taffy Lovell ‘s blog 
  • Laura Diamond – Contest open until 10/12. 
  • Jennifer Merrill – Contest open until 10/13
  • Medeia Sharif Contest open until 10/14
  • Robin McCormack ‘s blog – contest ends 10/15
  • Lisa Rivero contest ends 10/15
  • Additionally, here is next week’s EPIC schedule. Many of these will feature contests as well! Nothing like a party right?

    On Friday, we are featuring an EPIC roundup of reviews on EMOTIONAL INTENSITY! And one MASSIVE grand prize drawing for a great assortment of swag and a signed book. Be sure to check it out! I’ll be drawing one name from ALL of the comments throughout the tour and from the reviews. WOO HOO!!!

    In other news, thanks to Talent Development Resources for highlighting my book in two articles, one featuring kids and stress, and one featuring WHY we need to understand gifted kids. I really appreciate the support.

    Okay, I think that’s it for now. I’ll be posting a few pics from my first signing on Sunday so be sure to stop by.

    What are you all doing this weekend?

    7 thoughts on “Winners and weekend fun!

    1. I like to read your interviews and I’m happy for you !
      (I’ve discovered Jen’s blog, she’s a really funny and touching girl !)

      Right now, I’m enjoying the sun in my garden (it’s blue sky, 20 ‘C) drinking a Belgian special beer, reading a book…after skydiving this afternoon :-)))))))))
      Still Alive and enjoying Life :-))))
      I plan to go to the movies this evening (watching “the Town”).

      You know it all !

      Cheers from Belgium

      Have a Great and Nice weekend, Christine !


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