Hey everyone! It’s so nice to be back to regular blogging after my brief hiatus. I’ll tell you, launching a book is exhausting.

For today, though, I am taking an opportunity to interview a fellow author, Michelle Davidson Argyle. Michelle and I “met” online, frequenting many of the same blogs and forums. She is smart, quick-witted and a great writer. When I heard that she was brave enough to do something many of us think about – self-publish – I knew I just had to interview her.

So without further adieu, I bring you Michelle:

CF: Why CINDERS? Why now???

MDA: Cinders  came at just the right time. I was so fed up with my novel, Monarch, and I just wanted to sit down and write something all for me with no intention of querying or trying to please anyone. It was a secret project at first, but it eventually grew into something very exciting!
CF: What is your biggest challenge as a writer?

MDA: Finding the time and discipline to write. I have so much on my plate that it’s often a huge challenge to sit down and get anything done.

{{Dude! I have the same problem.}}
CF: What was the biggest lesson you learned publishing and marketing CINDERS?

MDA: To write what I want to write and stay true to myself, my goals, and my visions. I’ve had several readers really dislike Cinders, but in almost every case they have respected the work and liked the writing, just not the story. I’ve learned that I can actually WRITE, if that makes any sense at all. For some reason I always doubted it before. I finally have some solid confidence.

{{Yea, I think most writers struggle with confidence – I know I do.}}

CF: Which character in CINDERS is most like you? Least like you? Why?

MDA: Cinderella, or Christina (her real name) is most like me. Some readers have called her selfish, even stupid at times. I agree. I’ve been like that. I’ve made mistakes and stupid decisions based on emotions and misinterpreted ideas of what my life should be like. I relate to her on a lot of levels.
CF: Rapid Fire:

  • Stay home or go out? – If it involves steak or seafood, go out.
  • Country you want to visit? – I’m assuming this means one I haven’t visited before. I’d have to choose Australia.
  • Twizzlers or Chocolate? – Twizzlers dipped in chocolate? Please?

CF: What’s next for Michelle???

MDA: I have some very exciting news coming up! My spy thriller novel, Monarch, will be published by Rhemalda Publishing this coming fall of 2011. Keep a lookout on my author site for more info!

I’m currently working on my new novella, Thirds, which I plan to publish in the summer of 2011. Thirds is another novella that goes hand-in-hand with Cinders, and contains one character from Cinders. It’s based on the Grimm’s fairy tale, One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes.

Thanks Michelle for stopping by. And everyone, join me tomorrow for my review of CINDERS.

Now, it’s your turn…How do you feel about self-publishing??? Would you do it?


15 thoughts on “An Interview with Cinders author, Michelle Davidson Argyle

  1. I wouldn’t self-publish. Partly because I truly believe that my own writing needs the eyes of someone more experienced with writing craft on it before it is “ready”, and partly because self-publishing is SO much more work than traditional publishing, and a lot of that work is in areas that are not my strengths. I don’t object to self-publishing as an option for an author to get his or her work out there – my F-i-L self-pubbed an anatomy textbook that continues to do well, and is an excellent text – but it’s not for me.

  2. another wonderful interview 🙂 I’ve thought about self-publishing, mostly for my picture books. But the cost of doing a picture book (with lots of color pictures) doesn’t make it a viable option at the moment. I still look into it every now and again though 🙂

  3. Ishta: Thanks for coming by! Now that I have a book contract with a traditional publisher, I’m realizing something…traditional publishing is JUST as much work as self-publishing. 🙂

    Stina: Thanks for stopping by!

    Michelle: Thank you for coming by! I agree that a picture book usually isn’t a viable option for self-publishing. It’s much too cost intensive.

  4. Great interview!

    I’m not sure if I would self-publish; I’d want someone who knows how to edit/revise to look over my work, but then, if I did go my own way then I wouldn’t have to worry about publishing houses.

  5. Golden Eagle: It’s a different kind of challenge to do it yourself, and if you’re serious about doing it yourself most writers will simply hire an editor to do that “validation” and professional editing for them. Thanks for reading!

  6. Great interview! I really admire Michelle for the amount of work she put into self-publishing her book and putting out a such a great product. She’s a fabulous writer, a talented photographer and any publisher should be happy to have someone like her on their roster.

  7. Wonderful interview Christine – Cinders really is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to more of Michelle’s work. 🙂

    I do self-publish, and plan to for a long time. For me, I like having the final say on everything, which I realize makes me a control freak, but there you have it. I hire editors so my work is gone over by at least one, and sometimes two (as in my next novel) people other than myself before it goes out to the world, and I have a fab. cover artist who works with me to make my books look spiffy and professional.

    So for me I guess the question is “will I publish traditionally”…to which I don’t have a solid answer. I’m really liking the self-pub freedom, but perhaps if the right deal with enough incentive came along…

  8. Jamie: My comment got published before I meant it to! Hah. I was going to say I’m really happy to be doing both and that I am very lucky to have landed such a personable publisher that allows me to have a lot of say over the final product.

  9. You make me curious about (self)-publication !
    It’s maybe too long to write but what are the pro and cons for each ?

    A musician lost in a writer’s world ! LOL

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