I’ve been stewing over this post for several days, trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to say what  I needed to say on this topic – how I was going to talk about staying on this journey – a journey with no end.

It is no secret that many of us have been struggling with feeling like an imposter or fraud, wondering if we will ever make it, struggling with our confidence. I wanted to write a pithy little post about it…

But in the end…all I came up with was the reality that this is a journey that doesn’t end.

Not very hopeful. Or profound.

And then I found this post by Jennifer Nielsen. It says everything I wanted to say…perfectly.

So go read it.

And remember, if life is about the journey and not the destination, a journey with no end is the perfect one to be on. How is YOUR journey these days?


21 thoughts on “The Journey That Never Ends…

  1. Lately my journey has it’s ups and downs–like always–and I don’t want it to end, but a really great pit stop would be nice. Just a quaint little place where I can stop and enjoy the view while drinking a celebratory bottle of champagne 🙂

    Is that too much to ask?

  2. My journey is… Exhausting. But good-exhausting, because I’m getting things done and meeting great people and it’s pretty awesome. I’m enjoying the journey, which is all you can hope for, really.

  3. Not a writer’s journey, but mine is just a long long chute in a dead-end place. Imposteur…maybe. But there’s another syndrome I haven’t heard of but makes me suffer a lot : saboteur’s syndrome.
    Just doing all I can to not succeed. A reel sabotage of my entire Life…
    Maybe just another fit-in for a wasted gifted Life.

  4. My journey’s going much better after I went for a run the other day. I finally realized what I needed to do to my first chapter after reading the agent’s comments from the crit I won. Hightlight it and press Delete. It’s amazing what a good run (and crit) can do for your ms. 😉

    Now I just have to do major rewrites to the second chapter, which is now my first chapter. 😀

  5. Hmmmm….I can relate to Benoit. I think that has been me for much of my life. Or maybe I just wanted my journey to go the scenic route? VERY scenic? I turned 44 today and never became the if-not-famous-then-at-least-self-supporting actor I wanted to be. I never did even get so much as a bachelor’s degree in anything. The most writing I ever do is during NaNoWriMo. It has taken me 10 years of doing that to finally realize that my writing does not completely suck–not that I consciously thought that, or why would I bother writing at all? But why on earth would I think it was good enough for publication? And why on earth did I have to decide to choose preferred professions that are so difficult to earn a living solely on that profession alone? So I dropped the acting aspirations in favor of motherhood, and put the writing in a semi-holding pattern….and now that I am in my mid-forties, am I too old to think I could ever be a published fiction writer–I mean other than on lulu or create-space or a blog….

  6. Yeah, it doesn’t end. Twists and turns, and definitely new beginnings. And not knowing where you mihgt end up. And when you end up wherever you might end up for a pitstop, what you imagined that pitstop to be might be totally different. And eventhough you might have an idea of how long you might be at that pitstop you don’t really know, and you don’t know how the nature of that pitstop might change or how it might change you and where you might go next. But if we knew all that, then what would be the point of the journey?

    Okay, that was an unedited ramble….

    I haven’t read Jennifer’s post yet, but will soon:-)

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