Today is the first post in my November “Giving Thanks” series. Wanna know more about the series…see my original post here and join in the fun.

This week we are talking about the fabulousity that are CPs (critique partners). Be sure to check out these fab writers who are paying tribute as well:

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Okay, on to my GIVING THANKS shout out…

I have three CPs that I regularly use, as well as a few betas. My CPs have read pretty much everything I’ve written, shredding it – sometimes brutally. Without them, I would have definitely quit this crazy busy years ago.

So who are they, and why can’t I live without them???

  • ELANA JOHNSON – Yep, the query ninja herself has been my CP for nearly two years. With her help, I have learned to craft my stories. Week after week, she has shredded my words, showing me both the problems and the bright spots of my work. She has taught me more about writing than any class, program, or book ever could have. And she’s done so much more…she supports my crazy endeavors, offers a shoulder to cry on when I am convinced I will never make it, forces me to write when I think I can’t, and parties with me on the ledge when nothing else seems to work. There really are no words to express my gratitude to her and her friendship.

Elana, I hope you know how much you mean to me – thank you for all the chats, the crits, the craziness. Everything! Like I said in my acknowledgements, you are my oxygen much of the time!

  • MICHELLE MCLEAN – Elana introduced the two of us about 18 mos ago. Since that time we have shared each other’s work and supported each other on our path to publication. Michelle and I share a pretty unique path – we are both nonfiction authors who ALSO write fiction. We share the same agent, found our way to publication through our nonfiction, and are trying to forge a path into fiction as well. We share our nonfiction work with each other, as well as fiction. And, not a day goes by when we don’t carve out a moment or two to chat about life in general. Michelle, like Elana, is more than a CP – she is a dear friend.

Thank you Michelle – for your friendship, your crits, and your partnership on this crazy journey we find ourselves on.

  • Julie Butcher-Fedynich – Julie and I have known each other for about two years, and been CPs just as long. She has read pretty much every draft of every story, shared tips her brother and sister-in-law (Authors Jim Butcher and Shannon Butcher) have taught her, and helped me refine ideas. Like Elana and Michelle, I’ve formed a friendship with Julie. She is my voice of reason when I am being emotionally intense and determined to quit this crazy biz. She is also my cheerleader when I need a pick-me-up. She has championed both my NF and my fiction, reminding me how special it is to immerse myself in both.

Thanks Julie – for two amazing years sharing in each other’s journeys. Here’s to many many more!.

  • Danyelle Leafty – Danyelle is my newest CP. She and I met online. Somehow we decide to exchange a few words and see if we would make good CPs. And you know what…we are! She brings a different lens to my words – adding a unique perspective. Her advice never fails to inspire and bring my work to a higher level. Like the others I have mentioned, Danyelle and I have become good friends over the past few months – supporting each other when we found our confidence waning. 

Thanks Danyelle – I am so glad we have managed to find each other on this journey. I hope that I’m able to provide at least as much support to you as you always manage to give to me.

I have countless other Betas who willingly read for me time and time again, including Amanda Bonilla, Laura Diamond, Sarah Meves Johnson, and Windy Aphayrath, not to mention others who will be reading some of the newer things I have cooking.

Whew…what an amazing biz this really is!

Your turn … who are your CPs and why are you thankful for them?

Join me next time as I gush over my agent!


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