Yep, I did it…I finally made a decision regarding which idea to explore for NaNo. But before I tell you, I have to set the scene.

Monday night I threw out a question to my facebook and twitter buddies – which idea (all YA) should I use for NaNo: A dark gothic romance, a dark realistic contemp, or a dark, creepy dystopian.

Interestingly, my twitter buds were in 100% agreement that dystopian was the way to go, while my fb buds were screaming for the gothic romance.

Hmm….no help.

So Tuesday morning, I got up and started writing. And you know what…the words had NOTHING to do with any of my story ideas. Not.One.Thing.

Nor was it on any “real” story.  It was really just a few scenes…unattached to anything else. 

So, now what? I need to get started if I have a hope of finishing. And trust me…I NEED to get another story written.

To find the answer I decided to just listen to some specially themed music – dark movie theme stuff – and see if anything pops into my head. 

Song after song played, until finally images formed…..

I was clear on what I felt like writing.

So which one is it???

The Gothic romance.

Whew, glad that decision was made.

The only other barriers between me and NaNo? Finishing the two projects I have. Guess I better get working….

What is your NaNo story about? Feel like sharing?


30 thoughts on “Decisions Made.

    1. hehe Thanks! I am pretty darn excited too. It feels good to get this excited about a story – it has been a while for me.

  1. Man, that’s such a relief, isn’t it? Best wishes for a successful Nano experience! A gothic romance sounds fantastic! I won’t be doing Nano this year. Too much else to do! But I’m sending some positive musey vibes your way!

  2. Well all of your options had one thing in common — they’re dark 🙂

    I’ve had that happen before, where I had so many ideas that I couldn’t focus on one. The fragments are all in my writing folder. The story I’m working on now is much darker than anything I’ve ever written before and contemporary realistic which is new for me too. It does have a fantastical element to it, but the more research I do, the more possible it seems. No wonder some writers turn into paranoid old coots 🙂

  3. I LOVE when stories blossom like that. Brings back the believing in magic and feel of being on an adventure with the protagonists (or the reader).

    This is the blurb I wrote for my NaNo novel:

    Set in Arizona during the early years of the Cold War

    An outrageous former Vaudevillian finds herself put out to pasture, fumbling between her perplexing new job as guardian to a Russian child and her misadventures trying to regain her former glory (not to mention a ticket back to New York) through playing what she dubs “The Jackalope Circuit.”

    1. Tough task master! Good thing – you KNOW how distracted I get :D. And dude… no way can I pull off dystopian like you do! (Yep, kinda intimidated…)

  4. I love it when the story idea is so organic. So happy that you found what is calling to you.

    I am going out on a limb and writing a paranormal/urban fantasy. It has a vampire and if other authors and readers didnt think it was unique and SOOOO NOT like Twilight, I’d be writing sometrhing else. But my vampire is calling and I have to obey…………. 🙂

  5. You should have just asked me. I totally would have told you the Gothic Romance was the way to go and would have saved you all that trouble! 😉

    Happy writing Christine! You can do this!

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