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Now, on to my Bookanista Shout out: my nostalgia over books I loved growing up – and a tribute to my mom.

This is a different Bookanista feature for me, purely inspired by my mom. You see, I recently received some rough news regarding my mom’s health – news that we all know we will hear one day, but is never easy. And being me, I have been processing and dealing ever since.

This post is born out of that processing.

My mom is really the reason I write and the reason I read. I have so many memories of her wrapping me in her arms and holding me in her lap, reading a favorite book.

Both her and my grandmother read incessantly, a habit I developed in my early years. One both of my girls have developed as well.

So today, I am doing a brief recap of a few of my favorite stories I shared with my mom.

THE VELVETEEN RABBIT – This will ALWAYS be one of my all-time favorite books. And yes, one of the first I read to my own children. For months after reading and rereading the story I hugged and loved my stuffed animals, just waiting for them to be real….It’s a magic I just refuse to give-up on.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA – Like the Velveteen Rabbit, this was a series I read and read and read again with my mom.

ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHIN AND THE BLACK PEARL – My mom introduced me to these books, reading them to me. I remember talking with her about ho Karana survived in the wild, and about the large manta rays in The Black Pearl. When my oldest picked up these books and read them, I recalled all of the special moments with my mom.

MACBETH – Yes, I know…this is a strange book to become nostalgic over. But you see, I first read Macbeth as a third grader ( I know, I am a GEEK). My mom introduced me to all sorts of literature at a very young age. And that included Macbeth. As I read it, I thought it would be the coolest production for me and my friends – I mean it has witches, battles, crazy people – what’s NOT to love, right. So I tried to get my third grade class to perform it – Little Rascals style!

Sadly, while I could convince my friends to play…

I could not convince a teacher to take us seriously, and the play was abandoned. I am still sad about that…a Little Rascals version of Macbeth would be…well…EPIC, right???

I know there were many many other books that my mom and I shared, but, I’ve taken you down memory lane long enough.

THANK YOU MOM – for introducing me to the world of imagination. You’ve influenced and shaped me in ways I can not possibly explain. I love you. Now and forever!

What books do you remember from your childhood???


24 thoughts on “A Bookanista Tribute To My Mom.

  1. I remember sitting on my mom’s lap while she read Snow White…and correcting her because she skipped a few words. My mom said I was 2 at the time LOL She had the Laura Ingalls series on her bookshelves along with most of Victoria Holt’s books. I devoured those – and now write historicals…heavy on the romance 🙂 My mom always had a book with her and I’m really the only child (out of 5 of us, though my sister enjoys reading as well) that is as voracious a reader as my mom is. Actually, I think I may have surpassed her LOL

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Sending huge hugs your way!

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about your mother. My thoughts are with you guys.

    I lost my father a few years ago, and he’s the one who I remember sharing books with me. I would steal each of my mom’s Stephen King books when she finished them, but my dad would steal mine. I particularly remember my big Paul Bunyan of a dad savoring Little House on the Prairie and talking about them.

    1. I love your Dad memory….it made me think of my Dad reading to my nephew…and putting HIMSELF to sleep. 😀

  3. Aw, Christine…huge hugs for you. I know this has been hard on your. But I love you even more for paying such homage to your mom. I know I’m also a writer because of my mom, so I feel a particular kinship in this regard. All of these books are fantastic, and I’m introduced most of them to my oldest as well (haven’t done McBeth, though!). Thank Heaven for our moms. I’m here if you need to talk. Love you, girl.

  4. Oh, I’m going to post about this next Wednesday, but there are too many to count! Rascal, Wrinkle in Time, The Lion, the witch etc, Judy Blume books, Little House books. Too many to count!
    Hooray for moms for giving so much support!

  5. Aw. I’m so sorry about your mom, Christine. Such a hard thing to face. 😦

    But what a wonderful way to honor a fabulous part of her. My mom is the reason I loved reading as a kid too. She introduced me to Frog and Toad, then to Ramona and Nancy Drew, and when I was grown up she introduced me to chick-lit. Mom’s are great that way.

    Awesome titles in here. 😀

  6. Christine, this is such a special post. It’s so wonderful that you and your mom share all these special memories.

    My love of reading blossomed as a teen, but it wasn’t with teen books. I mostly read adult books. I’m not sure why, but it might have something to do with having two older sisters. We shared a love of Danielle Steele-type books!

  7. Christine,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. What a touching way to thank her. I became a huge reader thanks to my mom too. In fact, I love all of the books on your list (yes, even Macbeth!). I would add:

    Little House on the Prairie
    The Hundred Dresses
    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

    And many more. Including Danielle Steele in the teen years. 🙂

  8. This was so sweet. I really need to thank my family — I *know* growing up in a family of readers had a huge impact on my life. I remember getting excited every Christmas, waiting to unwrap my books. Most of my memories are not reading together, but reading….our own books…together. Sitting out back. Or on vacation. Or around the fireplace.

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